Samuel a great idea to make some handmade headphones

Samuel Pohl & Jesus Aguilar12th Grade Computer ScienceJanuary 17,2017     How Does the Internet Work?     We decided to do something that was related with music do to the fact that it is one of the major functions of the internet now a days. So, we thought that it would be a great idea to make some handmade headphones that do not require internet to use. We research of how to make them and we found a video that helped us and gave us advice. Then  we bought some cardboard. old earbuds, and super glue top make it.     The Internet works since open benchmarks enable each system to associate with each other system.  This is the thing that makes it workable for anybody to make content, offer administrations, and offer items without requiring authorization from a focal expert. It makes everything fair for everybody and it’s the motivation behind why we have a rich assorted variety of utilizations and administrations that a large number of us appreciate today. Not at all like the phone organize, which for a considerable length of time in many nations, was controlled by a solitary organization, the worldwide Internet comprises of a huge number of interconnected systems keep running by specialist co-ops, singular organizations, colleges, governments, and others. Internet helps us search for questions we have or problems to find a way to solve them,for entertainment such as music, movies, blogs etc. It also works for creation.      To access information on the Internet, a user must first log on, or connect, to the client computer’s host network. A host network is a network that the client computer is part of, and is usually a local area network also known as LAN. Once a connection has been established, the user may request information from a remote server. If the information requested by the user resides on one of the computers on the host network, that information is quickly retrieved and sent to the user’s terminal. If the information requested by the user is on a server that does not belong to the host LAN, then the host network connects to other networks until it makes a connection with the network containing the requested server. In the process of connecting to other networks, the host may need to access a router, a device that determines the best connection path between networks and helps networks to make connections.      Access to the Internet falls into two general classifications: committed access and dial-up get to. With devoted access, the PC is specifically associated with the Internet through a switch, or the PC is a piece of a system connected to the Internet. With dial-up get to, a PC associates with the Internet with an impermanent association, by and large finished a phone line utilizing a modem-a gadget that changes over a PC’s advanced signs into signals that can be transmitted over customary phone lines. Advanced signs are comprised of discrete units, while most phone lines are simple, implying that they convey signals that are ceaseless rather than discrete. Once a flag has gone via phone line, a moment modem is required at the opposite end of the line to reconvert the transmitted signs from simple to computerized.      The need to impart is extending. Individuals from standard strolls of life to bad-to-the-bone PC clients, are speaking with each other electronically. An ever increasing number of databases are going ahead line. Data from generally straightforward administrations, for example, electronic mail to perusing research articles by some physicist a great many miles away are for the most part accessible on line which has encouraged the client to accomplish errands instantly just through the kindness of the Internet.