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Safety plays a major role in roller coasters.

Many people believe that roller coasters are unsafe due to fear factor. Overgeneralizing the fact, that they are not unsafe, but are exceptionally safe. Many accidents that occur during roller coasters have nothing to do with the ride itself. According to Figure A, we can see that more than 90% of accidents that happen during roller coasters are due to external factors.

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Engineers that design and manufacture roller coasters discuss about the safety that will be incorporated into the ride as one of their priorities. They think about everything possible that needs to be thought of for the assurance of safety for riders; before, during, and after the ride. Figure A. (Source: TSSA 2015)Before the ride(refer to Bizarro), the engineers have taken into account everything that needs to be measured safely before the ride; the amount of weight that the cart is able to enjoyable ride the roller coaster, how riders are going to be able to board onto the floorless roller coaster; retractable floors which people are able to safely board the ride, and the safety restraints which hold riders from falling out of their while they are in the cart.

The safety restraints is a overhead restraint which go over your shoulder and lock into place with two locking mechanisms; while only one lock is needed, a second was built into if the first lock turned redundant ensuring the safety of riders while in the cart until the locks unlock at the end of the ride. During the rider, engineers apply the physics of roller coasters which is G Force and the design/construction coherently working together to ensure safety. Throughout the ride, there are many inversions where riders experience a change in G Force; which can be dangerous if exposed to a high magnitude during a long period of time.

Engineers have calculated the amount of G Force that riders are exposed during these inversions and have kept it at a reasonable level so that it does not create side effects which can be harmful to the human body. They have calculated the different turns and twists so that the change in G Force last for only a fraction of a second and will not cause any long term health issues other than the short term effect. They have done this by incorporating a mid course brake run, where they use the brake system( fin brakes) which was stated above but this happens during the middle of the ride so that the speed of the cart is reset to a certain speed so that the change in G force in the next inversion won’t be of a high value.After the ride, there is a brake run where the cart itself stop for a period of time so that the next cart is filled up and is able to go up the chain lift.

This brake run was created so that the cart finishing the ride does not collide with the other cart that is about to go up which can cause major problems. As the cart goes back into the starting position, the retractable floor is pulled back upwards so that the riders can leave the cart without falling into the ground.