SACHET helped me form bonds of camaraderie but also

SACHETRAY2211 Hillsborough Road · Durham, NC 27705(919) 813-8940 · [email protected]

edu  Jan. 26, 2018 Electronic Arts Inc.209 Redwood Shores Pkwy.Redwood City, CA 94065. Dear Hiring Manager: I am writing to express my interest in the Corporate StrategyIntern role at Electronic Arts Inc.

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Video-games have always been an essentialpart of my life. I remember playing Mario and Dangerous Dave with my siblingsand friends as a kid. During college, I won the NFS MW competition hosted at myinstitution. These games have not only helped me form bonds of camaraderie butalso taught me skills such as to adapt and never give up or to find the mostefficient route to the goal that I regularly use IRL. However, every ability isnot perfect for every situation. As I have continued to play more RTS games andRPGs, I have learned to strategize on the fly and break down big missions intosmaller ones to achieve my goal.

These gaming experiences have shaped a bigpart of my life and have been the guiding force for behind many of mydecisions, and I would be thrilled to be a part of a team that shapes theseexperiences for the future generation ofgamers. During my progressive career as a management consultant, I amconfident that I have spent my hard-earned skill points to level up on skillsthat would help me drive impact at EA – Skill – Ownershipand responsible leadership: My experienceat ZS Associates provided me unparalleled opportunities to develop and shape myleadership skills. To illustrate, I actively managed four cross-continent teamsto design and implement a financial solution across 152 countries for a Fortune100 pharmaceutical firm. I can leverage these skills to lead and guide teams atEA while maintaining transparent and effective communication with allstakeholders and create value.

. Skill -Analytical Ability: While working on multiple global engagements, Ihave devised efficient and effective process flows to resolve complicatedissues. In the middle of a project for a $56B US-based firm, the 4-member teamcouldn’t meet client expectations and brought me in an advisory role to help. Ideep dived into the coding, changed the framework, and suggested anoptimization framework that made the solution at least five times faster. Thisability to propose simple yet effective solutions will help me produce thehighest quality work at EA.

 Skill -Communication: I can convey critical points succinctly, and Iunderstand how to listen. As an offshore team-lead for multiple engagementssimultaneously, I communicated continuously with the broader global team tounderstand developments in the project, keep track of deliverables or informthe senior management of the progress. These communication skills would help meperform at EA. I would greatlyappreciate the opportunity to interview at EA and look forward to hearing fromyou. Thank you for your time and consideration.

 Sincerely,   Sachet Ray