Ruling on promises and how it is safer to

of the Prince

            The book, The Prince, by Niccolo Machiavelli, discusses a
step by step guide on how princes should conquer and rule states. Machiavelli
uses many allusions to reference past rulers and metaphors to further explain his

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            The author’s thought on human nature was very
contradicting compared to what everyone else thought at that time. Humanists
say that a person grows only when they are a part of or is involved in the
state they rule. However Machiavelli believes princes should be feared yet
respected. “And one of the most effective remedies that a prince can have
against conspiracies is not to be hated and despised by the people” (19).
Machiavelli also states how princes should not rely on promises and how it is
safer to be feared than loved. “The reason for this is that in general men are
ungrateful, inconsistent, false, cowardly, and greedy. As long as you succeed,
they are yours entirely…” (17)

            In chapter 18, Machiavelli uses the metaphor of a fox and
a lion, both symbolizing “the beast and the man” (18), the beast being the more
up front leader side, but the fox symbolizing being able to get away with those
things without being hated. The author uses the quote, “A prince, therefore,
being forced knowingly to adopt the beast, ought to choose the fox and the
lion; because the lion cannot defend himself against traps and the fox cannot
defend himself against wolves. Therefore, it is necessary to be a fox to
discover the traps and a lion to frighten the wolves: (19). If you have both
the traits you will be able to be powerful but still respected.

            The prince says a lot about government and compared to
today, Machiavelli probably wouldn’t think Trump is a good president.
Machiavelli believes in citizens having respect in the ruler but no one
respects trump as our president, he is neither loved nor feared. People
nowadays treat trump like a joke. Our president can have harsh punishments
sometimes, for example the immigrants, and Machiavelli would agree with that
tactic but yet he wouldn’t because the citizens today don’t like Trump and
Machiavelli made it very clear that the ruler has to have a good relationship
with the citizens.

            To conclude, the prince discussed many ideas and rules to
follow by to become a successful ruler in that day. Although not all of it may
apply to today’s society, it certainly helps because history always repeats