role lesson they don’t remember what they learn. Teachers

role of a promoter in teaching new vocabulary such as fruits,vegetables items, etc… (Waddell, 2004). Another effective way of improvingcommunication and writing skills is creating stories with students. Furthermore,lecturer can also use songs to teach grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation,etc. becauselearners  like songs and they motivatethe students to learn the English language in an interesting and different way.Students examine question such as the feeling in the songs, what will happennext, etc.

(Newall, 2005).·        Error correction: If teacher stop at every error and treat it, students will be too muchafraid of making mistakes. When teacher always try to correct mistakes andprevent to students make mistakes, students will be too much reluctant toparticipate. Thus, teachers should know when to correct mistakes and how to dothat without offending students (Deci, 2000).Using these techniques, I can motivate the learners andcreate more interesting lesson. Secondly, I think my other weaknessis speaking. My pronunciation is not correct so my students didn’t learn thecorrect pronunciation at my first micro teaching.

I can not speak fluently.Bashiruddin (2003) states that learners who don’t exposure English out ofclassroom are lack of speaking skill. Because they try to use English only inlesson after lesson they don’t remember what they learn. Teachers generallygive important to reading and writing skill but they don’t care about thespeaking for this reason this skill is mostly forgotten. As Hodson (2006)pointed out, speaking and listening skills are neglected also Wilkinson thinksthe same as Hodson (1990). Due to the fact that oral communication skill is notgiven any importance, the learners’ and teachers’ speaking abilities are poor.

As a prime example for this, Bashiruddin (2003) and Panah (2000) say that inPakistan, English teachers lacking of speaking skills are the biggest problemfor teaching English (Alam, Uddin, 2013).            Alwright(1994) thinks that involving learners and teachers in teaching “learn by doing”is important for improving communication. By reason of the speaker’scommunication is responded by listener, speaking appears in existence oflistener. As Byrne (1986) says that improving speaking skill is a process,which have a two style between speaker and listener, and constitutes theproductive skills of speaking and receptive skills of understanding. (As citiedin International Journal of English Language Teaching, 2013).