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Robert Frost is one of America’s greatest poets. His poems are still read and admired to this day even though he wrote it a while ago. Some of his poems include The road not taken, Nothing gold can stay, and many others.Robert Lee Frost was born on March 26, 1874, in San Francisco, California, United States.  Robert lived there for 11 years until the death of his father in 1885. Where he died from tuberculosis a lung disease.

Robert, later on, moved with his mother and sister to a small town called Lawrence, Massachusetts to live with their grandparents. Robert went on to attend Lawrence High school and graduated from the school in 1892.  As he graduated from high school he went off to college but ended up, working with a job he did not really enjoy. In his spare time, he had written poems and the first poem being My Butterfly, an Elegy written in 1894 and was published in a New York newspaper where it had great success. Frost later on went to propose to his lover,  Elinor White after she finished school. She accepted and Frost got married on December 19, 1895. Robert had his first child named Elliot in 1896, and a year after his daughters birth Frost went to attend Harvard University.

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 Frost who was having medical issues had to drop out from the school for his own health and safety. As he came back home, he had his second child, another girl named Lesley born in 1899. A year after his child’s birth Frost again moved to a farm in New Hampshire.

He went off to have 4 more kids who had all died due to health issues including his  first child Elliot. As they spent their time on this farm Robert continued to write poems and sold them making profit. He later on sold his farm and moved to England with his family.After being in England for a couple of months, Robert had found his first publisher. Who printed his first book of poems ¨The road, not taken¨.  Robert went on having a lot of success in England as a poet, but it all came to an end where he had to move back to America as world war 1 was starting.

3 As he came back home to America he was greeted with awards and acknowledgment for his work. He bought a farm again and started working as a teacher.  For the 40 years in Middlebury college located in Ripton, Vermont he had taught English and poetry. As he worked his lover Elinor had died in 1937 from cancer and Frost left his position as a teacher. After the death of his wife Frost got many awards after teaching, his most notable award called the Congressional Gold Medal from Congress. As a gift to them, Frost even wrote a poem for John F.

Kennedy ceremony where J.F.K.

became president of the United States.After being a successful poet, winning awards after awards for his great work. It all came to an end when he died on January 29, 1963, due to issues from his prostate surgery in Boston, Massachusetts at age 88.  Even after the death of Robert Lee Frost the great American poet he will always be remembered as one of america’s greatest poet, and his legacy will live on forever and will always be admired by many poets and followers of his great work.