Robear nursing care robot, ROBEAR, which is performing to

Robear is a robot that have a bear shape.

 It is bear that design to help elderly patient from a bed into a wheelchair or take the patient stand up with the gentle care. Robear weighs in at 140kg, and is the follower from  robots RIBA and RIBA-II. Robot is actually the helpful robot that developed by the scientist in Japan  that research  Riken.These ROBEAR robot is lighter than RIBA and RIBA-II , and it’s weight 140 kilograms when compared to RIBA-II that weight 230 kilograms.Robear comes from Toshiharu Mukai, who is scientist that made this Robear with a sensor systems team at the Riken-SRK Collaboration Center for Human-Interactive Robot Research.  Scientists from RIKEN and Sumitomo Riko Company have developed experimental nursing care robot, ROBEAR, which is  performing to help the patient  lifting a patient from a bed into a wheelchair or  help the patient stand up with a gentle care. ROBEAR  have a supplement to taking care the patient when they need in an advance level with a gentle care for elderly people. Robears can work by a number of sensors some which include torque and tactile sensors made of rubber that allows for robear to do power intensive tasks without hurting patient and anyone while the big bear looks cuddly lifting him would be a  feet or bear way slightly more than 300 pounds the company says the robear could be a good solution for Japan’s imperative need for help living care the country has a rapidly increasing elderly population  for example Germany , Italy , and France .

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 The problem of age in Japan,  has high the proportional of elderly citizens one of the world’s oldest countries so the Japanese government says that ,” due to a shrinking labor force, as well as greater require for elder-care, the country will be short 380,000 health nurses by 2025,though many independent experts put the figure closer to 500,00.” So, we need to have more activities  for elderly people and raise the birth of population growth. But on the other hand if the elderly people in Japan were exercising and change how to eat of their life,It will help elderly people stronger but actually the Japanese people were working hard when they are on the middle age