Right rights to take control of whatever we want

Right now I have a choice : I can choose to let this day , this moment be a joyful one or to wallow in my past and whine about my future . I believe that my emotions , actions and mindset begin and get affected by my way of life — not with my knowledge or relationship with others — but myself truly.            Here is one of my favourite quotes : “Your life is yours and yours alone .

Rise up and live it.” This quote says it all , about how our lives are in our own hands . We have the ultimate rights to take control of whatever we want to do and to be ourselves .             Of course , taking control of our own lives doesn’t mean we should be selfish and shut our ears from feedbacks or advice from the others around us . Instead , what I meant is not to let anything bring us down ,  to trust our own instincts and at the same time be responsible for our own life .  Adding on , we have to first learn how to take charge and love ourselves before we can go around inspiring others right?            As mentioned , I feel that taking charge of my own life is extremely important . If you think about it , it is for our own good if we make the right choices in life ,  for example , making the right choices of friends and to do what we are truly passionate about .             Have you been judged before ? Well I was , for quite a number of times .

I am very enthusiastic and passionate when attending classes related to music like singing and dancing . However , my nosy relatives will tell me , ” You should focus on your studies more and become a doctor next time!” .  This is the time that I decided to ignore these judgements and follow my interest .           The next question is , have you met with some difficulties in life which caused you to be discouraged ? Due to the filming experiences I took part in , I usually spend some time conversing with the makeup artist on set and they often intoxicate me with the idea of plastic surgery and encouraged me to do it when i grow older .

This made me become insecure about my appearance and I was depressed for a period of time . However I reflected well and chose to let go whatever that is bringing me down . Yes , it may seem cliché to say all these because things are often easily said than done and it is unavoidable to have different voices drowning you but u can choose not to listen .

Also , being in a prestigious school ,I don’t compare myself with the others and have learnt to follow my own pace so I can persevere and work my way through and achieve better results .           All in all , I trust that i am not what happened to me but something I choose to become . Therefore everything depends on how you take charge of you , yourself .