Research UAE. The survey breakdown is as follows –

Research Method

As per communication researcher,
to understand the level of employee involvement firstly it is reasonable to
assess the type of employment of an individual to understand ones’ contractual
obligation, such as – the employment is on a full time or part time basis.
Because short-term contract employees may feel differently for the organization
and do not believe in involvement and interaction. Once the employment status
is determined, it is ideal to assess an employees’ level of involvement in the
organization that will lead to job satisfaction. The level of involvement can
be measured by keeping an account of the time an employee spends on Facebook or
on ESM platform adopted by the organization.  
But media depicts stories of how an employee got fired due to a careless
comment on social media, negative stories of such nature should be avoided in
this scenario. It is also assumed that certain organizations consider time
spent on social media as not real work resulting organizations to formulate
policies of prohibiting social media at work, for
example certain law and financial firms located in the Financial Centre of
Dubai in DIFC have the policy, that the employee does not have the liberty to
disclose what the nature of work is and using personal social media accounts at
work is prohibited. But in their case, it is more to safe guard the
confidentiality of the cases handled by the firm and safe guarding interest of
its clients over any other claims. 

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As we proceed to analyse the
statistics put forward by some of the scholars to understand the impact of
social media in the life of the people, we will take into consideration the
survey result of one of the researcher, where he conducted a survey with 556
samples in the UAE. The survey breakdown is as follows – 286 were males and 270
females (Al-Jenaibi, 2011). Survey participants were relatively young within
the age bracket of 20 to 35. Educational level was relatively higher with 366
as university students and 190 were high school graduates. 383 participants
were service sector employees and 173 belong to the private sector. Respondents
were asked to fill the surveys at different point of time to check the
stability of their response. Based on qualitative and quantitative analysis the
results showed that social media usage had a huge presence in the lives of the
people with Facebook as the leading platform followed by Linkedin, and Twitter.
YouTube was considered to be the most prominent video-sharing platform.

With the onset of the global
economic crisis in 2008 organizations let go of their employees in bulk and it
was taken as a cost saving measure, since then it has been observed that
organizations have diversified their  
employment policies and now practice a strategy of employing part full
timers, partly contract basis employees as well as employee university students
as interns at the junior most level. To assess the situation the next step will
be to study the level of time each employee from different backgrounds are
ready to invest in this case to strengthen employee relations among each other
within the organization.  This is to
understand whether employment status effects the level of time investment resulting
in the variation of employee engagement within the organization.