Research that a family with more children are more

              Researchemphasises that marital status can be influenced spending behavior of a creditcard holder.

(Kinsey, 1981; Steidle, 1994). Devlin et al. (2007) demonstratedthat actually respondents that married have more credit cards than those singleor divorced respondents in his research. Obviously, we can see that marriedcustomers are possibly to have higher expenses than single customers. Godwin(1998) discovered in fact that a household size is absolutely affected theexpenses and increase the debt of household. This also show that the reason ofcredit card debt is increasing due to large amount of living expenses. Theyneed money to spend in daily life so the only way to get money is to borrowmoney from credit cards. This could be relevant and happen in Malaysia as the CreditCounselling and Debt Management Agency reported there are 77% of marriedindividuals involved in having big amount of outstanding balance of creditcards.

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There is a positive relationship between marital status and spending behaviourof credit card holders. Perhaps credit card is convenience to buy things but italso easy to make consumer buy things that they actually cannot afford.               Maritalstatus could affect the credit card spending behaviour of Malaysians because thatis a necessity for married individuals to have credit cards for borrowing tofinance their living expenses. Kinsey (1981) demonstrated two people householdstend to have more credit cards than a single person household as two peoplemight have high expenditures in their daily life. Chien and DeVaney (2001)argued that married individuals have more favourable attitude towards holdingand using credit cards and have higher outstanding balance of credit cards. Despitethis, Bertaut and Haliassos (2001) notice that a family with more children aremore possibly in having high amount of outstanding balance of credit card dueto more children which also say that high daily expenses compared to singleindividuals.