Research focuses on the details of content and performance.

                                                            Research proposal Effectivenessof a study of teacher perception about formative assessment on English languageproficiency at primary Level.                 StudentName:                                                           KainatSohailEmail:               [email protected]:Programme:   M.

phil  Edu Department:   EducationDefinitionof assessment: “Assessmentis the systematic collection, review, and use of information about educationalprograms undertaken for the purpose of improving student learning anddevelopment”Introduction:                Formative assessment, including diagnostictesting, is arange of formal and informal assessment procedures conducted by teachers duringthe learning process in order to modify teaching and learning activities toimprove student attainment. Ittypically involves qualitative feedback (rather than scores) for both studentand teacher that focuses on the details of content and performance. It is commonly contrasted with summativeassessment, which seeks tomonitor educational outcomes, often for purposes of external accountability.Types of formative assessment.

·       Diagnostic Assessment·       Portfolios  ·       Self-Assessment and Peer-Assessment·       Performance-Based Assessment ·       Questioning ·       Interview-Based Assessment ·       Play-Based Assessment·       Cooperative Group Assessment ·       Dialogue Journals and Scaffold Essays      Techniquesof formative assessment.·       Questioning·       Demonstration/presentation·       Writing·       Learningconversation·       Studentled assessment·       Debates·       Roleplaying·       Quizzes·       Jigsawpuzzles Formative assessment in language education:As an ongoing assessment it focuses onthe process, it helps teachers to check the current status of their students’language ability, that is, they can know what the students know and what thestudents do not know. It also gives chances to students to participate inmodifying or planning the upcoming classes (Bachman & Palmer,1996).Participation in their learning grows students’ motivation to learn the target language. It alsoraises students’ awareness on their targetlanguages, which results in resetting their own goals.

In consequence, it helpsstudents to achieve their goals successfully as well as teachers be the facilitators to foster students’target language ability.In classroom, short quizzes, reflectional journals, orportfolios could be used as a formative assessment.Statement of research problem:As we know that English occupies a veryimportant place in Pakistan. It is being used as medium of instruction in educationalinstitutions as well as source of communication in public and private offices.But the standard of English language in our country is not up to the mark.

So,keeping this picture in view, this study was designed to find out the effect offormative assessment on students’ English language proficiency at primarylevel.Objectives:·      Tofind out the effectiveness of  a study ofteacher perception  about formativeassessment on English language proficiency at primary level.·      Tofind out the effectiveness of  a study ofteacher perception  about formativeassessment on English language proficiency at private sector.·      Tofind out the effectiveness of  a study ofteacher perception  about formativeassessment on English language proficiency at public sector.Hypothesis or Research Question:                Null hypothesis        (No relationshipbetween formative assessment and English language development.·      Whatis the impact of formative assessment on English language proficiency atprimary level?·      Whatis the effectiveness of formative assessment on English proficiency at primarylevel?Significance of the study: Methodology:              Researcher willuse achievement test as a research tool for data collection because it is easyto use. And it is time saving tool. Researcher will develop tool by adaptation.

Population:                  Populationwill be teachers and students.Sample:         Researcher will use random sampling like government and private schoolsbecause Researcher is in experiment study So, Variables:    Independent variable:                      FormativeassessmentDependentvariable:                   Englishlanguage proficiencyat primary level.  Reliability:        Reliabilitywill be tested through pilot testing for this purpose tool will be adminstriveon 100 students and taken data will be checked by applying cronbach’s alpha Validity:Dataanalysis :        Qualitative through   T test willbe applied to analysis.