REPORT further relate, how adopting gardening as a hobby

REPORTTERRACEGARDENINGFOREWORDThis research paper aimsto provide a detailed insight about the theme terrace gardening.

The data forthe present study was gathered through field researches and throughsemi-structured interviews conducted on experts and professionals in the fieldof gardening. Through this research paper one can understand as to how to starta terrace garden, what all plants can be grown, the fund required to commenceand also the various tools and mechanisms behind the science of gardening wouldbe understood. Finally this research paper would further relate, how adoptinggardening as a hobby would affect one’s environment and how each individual canhelp to contribute towards the nature through gardening.          ACKNOWLEDGMENT I would like to thank Ms. Priyanka for her constant guidance,supervision and the encouragement to complete this project and also I wouldlike to further thank “Anand Foundation” for giving me this wonderfulopportunity to conduct the research.I would like to express my gratitude towards my parents for their kindcooperation and support which helped me in the completion of this project.I would like to express my special gratitude and thanks to nurserypersons and staff members for giving me their time and for sharing with metheir expert knowledge.

            CONTENTSChapter 1: Why do we need a terrace garden?Chapter 2: Tour of Delhi’s nurseries.           2.1:Sapna nursery           2.2:Sunder nursery           2.

3:Masjid nursery           2.4:Exotic nurseryChapter 3: How to start terrace gardening?           3.1:Interviews of gardeners and related professionalsChapter 4: How to look after the garden?           4.1:Interview of an expertChapter 5: Unexpected guests, birds and pests.SUGGESTED BOOKSEPILOGUEABOUT MEGLOSSARYBIBLIOGRAPHY               CHAPTER 1: WHY DO WE NEED A TERRACE GARDEN?                                                                         INTRODUCTIONToday we live inmegacities. Cities that have turned themselves into concrete jungles.Yes,jungles but without green vegetation. We always tend to make plans to escapethe hustle and bustle of the city as well as we try escape the crowdedness andthe pollution in which we live our day to day life.

Well what if we makesomething in our own houses which let us calm down and make us relax and alsoconnect us with the very pleasing nature. Doing this is very simple and might just require only 30 minutes of ourlives daily. We all like the sight of lush greenplants, but in the cities of concrete built-up, greenery is fast becoming arare sight. Luckily, we can bring greenery in our home and make our urbanenvironment healthy and positive.

Terrace is one of the best places to start asmall garden as it receives good amount of light every day, it has ample ofspace and its undisturbed surroundings makes it the best place to grow plants. What is a terrace garden?  Teraccegarden simply is garden which is established on a terrace. More generally in arooftop where there is ample of gardening space. The concept of terracegardening is highly popular in urban areas as these places have restrictedspaces and terrace remains the sole place to grow plants. Terrace gardens areusually planned and designed using containers or pots which are a lot easier tomanage and maintain. Building raised beds are also popular but can only be usedin vast spaces. There are two main types of plants grown at the terrace eitherornamental plants which are beautiful and pleasing to eyes or vegetable plantswhich are used in the kitchen.

Most of the gardeners create a garden havingboth ornamental and vegetable plants.A terrace garden ifplanned and designed carefully right acts as an air purifier as it reduces dustin the air, the plants at the terrace during summers absorbs radiation, coolingdown the house. Additionally, vegetables, fruits and even herbs can be grown atthe terrace minimising the stress on land. A garden at the terrace will alsoattract many beautiful birds, butterflies and other insects which accompany theplants and gives us an opportunity to have a wonderful landscape forrelaxation.Terrace gardening or gardening in general has several benefits these can begrouped into physical, psychological, health related and environmental related.PHYSICAL: Gardening involves several tasks to be performed such as planting, weeding and digging and all these tasks are physical in nature i.e theyrequire to be performed manually by oneself. Thus gardening can be seen as anexercise or a small work out.

It is believed that a 45 minute of gardeningdaily is equivalent to about burning over 300 calories.gardening required bending, squatting, stretching, pushing, pulling andwalking. Thus all these activities act as exercises and we unknowingly improveour physical self. PSYCHOLOGICAL: Gardening is not only an exercise for the body but it isalso an excellent workout for our mind.

Gardening proves to have traits ofrelaxation therapies. Being in a green environment and breathing fresh aircalms our mind and replenishes body. It provides the mind with positivity,optimism and a lots of creative ideas. Just being at terrace with green plants and flowers can boost our entiremood and self esteem.HEALTH: There is no better feeling than growing your own food and consumingit.

Gardening allows us to grow your own food be it vegetables or fruits. Thefood we grow at our own garden is free from any kind of chemical, insecticideor any growth enhancer, it is fresh and tasty and yes it’s healthy. In placeslike India where the population is unchecked and I rowing at an unprecedentedrate it is hard to keep a balance between food production and growing populationtherefore farming is done using chemicals which does help in increasing the yieldbut its effect can be seen on our health. The water and soil used to growplants in some places are so contaminated that is believed that plants grown inthese places are cancerous in nature.

ENVIRONMENTAL: There are endless ways in which we can contribute towardsour mother through gardening. Growing plants alone gives the nature a chance tosmile. These plats attract several insects such as bees and butterflies whichare joy to watch. Also green plants prove to be the best air purifiers they nothelp in reducing pollution but also enriches the environment with oxygen andwater.Also through gardening we stand a chance to manage the growing waste generateddaily at our houses as we can easily convert all out biodegradable waste intocompost and can feed our plants with it.

    CHAPTER 2: TOUR OF DELHI’S NURSERIES                                                                                                                                                                                        INTRODUCTIONA plant nursery is a place where any kinds of plants are grown for the sakeof being moved or transplanted later. It can occupy a field of garden, greenhouse,or other form of growing space. A plant nursery is designed for the propagationand care of young plants. A plant nursery contains at least one  greenhouse, which helps to keep plants safefrom frost or excessive heat. It may also include complex watering systems tocut down on the labour of workers.

Shops that sell plants are sometimesconfused with a nursery regardless of whether they grow their own plants orpurchase them from other nurseries. A nursery may sell plants at retail valueto the general public, or sell wholesale to other nurseries. This report project would feature a tour guide to 4 of south delhi’s nurserieswhich were pre decided. These nurseries are both public and privately ownednurseries. A detailed information about each nursery would be showcased. Alsointerviews of several gardeners working in these nurseries alongside the ownerswould be taken in order extract their opinions and suggestion on terracegardening. Interviews conducted would purely be on one to one basis and wouldbe voluntarily executed. A set of questions would be prepared in the form of aquestionnaire.

 DETAILS OF THE NURSERIES VISITED S.NO NURSERY LOCATION TYPE SIZE TIMINGS PLANT SPECIES 1 DDA SAPNA NURSERY Block E, East of Kailash, New Delhi, Delhi 110048 PUBLIC MEDIUM 10AM–5PM UNDER 50 2 GOVERNMENT SUNDER NURSERY CPWD, Hazrat Nizamuddin, New Delhi, Delhi 110013 PUBLIC LARGE 9AM–4PM 150-200 3 MASJID NURSERY Subramaniam Bharti Marg, Pandara Road, New Delhi, Delhi 110003 PRIVATE SEMI LARGE 24×7 200-220 4 EXOTIC NURSERY Ekasur Vithi Rd, Block W, Greater Kailash I, Greater Kailash, New Delhi, Delhi 110048 PRIVATE SMALL 10AM–9PM 50-100                              MAP SHOWING THENURSERIES TRAVELLED IN SOUTH DELHISapna nursery is a centrally located nursery in south Delhi. It issurrounded by high class localities such as East of Kailash, Greater Kailash 1and Lajpat Nagar. The nursery is a medium sized nursery and is about 50 yearsold.

It is the largest nursery in Lajpat nagar.  The nursery has about 50varieties of plant species which at the moment which it receives from a tender.The Sapna nursery is managed by Delhi Development Authority(DDA) and has about15-20  staff members.

The nursery offers flexible timings to visit and hassome really good varieties of outdoor plants which are pocket friendly. Thenursery though does not offer any kind of door step delivery so one has toarrange pickup for the plants or any other stuff purchased from the nursery.Also the nursery has very little to offer apart from the selected plants thatare available. SAPNA NURSERY’S OUTER SECTIONSapna nursery receives all of its plants from a tender therefore it islimited only to seasonal plants which are delivered by the tender. This nurseryis good for someone who has just started gardening and needs basic information,assistance, supplies and plants. The rate of the plants are subsidisedtherefore very reasonable. One could easily get a well grown plant with 15 inchpot for about 80 rupees.One can easily drive in with their car inside the nursery and can then havelook around the nursery.

DIFFERENTTYPES OF OUTDOOR PLANTS AT THE NURSERYSapna nursery even offer tropical plants which they grow and maintaininside a big green house. Also the nursery sell a variety flowers during theseason of spring or fall of winters. Roses,Dog flowers, Dahlias, Guldavari aresome of the winter flowers maintained at the nursery.Sapna nursery has also a rich collection of bonsai trees which are as old ascouple of years and neatly grafted. They are expensive ranging from 1000 to10000 rupees.

GREENHOUSE FOR TROPICAL PLANTS(maintenance workgoing on)VARIETIES OF PALM AT SAPNA NURSERYVERDICTSapna nursery is a nursery where one can drive on a weekend and explore andappreciate the diversity that nature has to offer. On an average a person caneasily spend about 20-30 minutes walking through the nursery and about 500rupees for 5 plants(with pots). Though this nursery is not meant for thoselooking for wide range of plants and related utilities because of very littlevariety of plants and gardening equipment found at this nursery.The next on my list of nurseries was  Nizamuddin’s Sunder nursery,it is among the biggest plant nurseries in Asia. This nursery at any day hasover 200 species of plants ranging from bonsai to even vegetables plant whichare sold as paneeri. The Sunder nurseryunlike any other nursery in Delhi is managed by Central Public Works Departmentwhich is directly under the Government of India. The complex of sunder nursery is Spread across 70acres and situated adjacent to Humayun’s Tomb, Sunder Nursery was formerlyknown as Azim Bagh and was known to have graves of Sufi ascetics. Now it isleft with nine Mughal-era tombs.

Sunder nursery contains 9 heritage points, including ASI-protected SunderwalaBurj, Sunderwala Mahal and Lakkar Wala Burj. During theBritish rule, nursery was established to grow experimental plants, which gaveit its current name, though much of the original garden was thus lost. SUNDERWALA BURJ AT THE SUNDER NURSERY One of the most exceptional fact about the sundernursery is that one who visits this nursery gets to see nature into its zeal.As not many people visit it, the crowd goes to Humayun’s Tomb, across the road.

So, the garden, a landscape of potted plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees,remains quiet throughout the day. The silence is punctuated by bird songs, andoccasionally by the laughter of gardeners and their families. It is a marvelthat such a calming place is allowed to exist in our noisy city.MAP OF SUNDER NURSERY ITEMS FOR SALE AT GOVERNMENT SUNDER NURSERY S.NO NAME OF THE ITEM AVAILABILITY 1 Bone meal always 2 Neem oil cake always 3 urea seasonal 4 DAP seasonal 5 Rose mixture seasonal 6 potash seasonal 7 Agro meal always 8 Vegetable seeds always 9 Flower seeds always 10 Okhla sludge seasonal 11 Cow dung manure seasonal 12 Plastics pots seasonal 13 creepers always 14 shrubs always 15 Vegetable saplings seasonal 16 Plant medicine always 17 Good earth always 18 Earthern pots always  Government Sunder nursery is a hub for all kind ofplants and trees.

Everything in the plant world is available at this nurseryand again the prices are highly subsidised therefore everything here is cheapand pocket friendly. About 100-120 workers and labourers work at the Sundercomplex. These people are skilfull gardeners and construction workers. Visitsfrom high end horticulturists and botanists are common in this nursery. PLANTS ON DISPLAY(Aglaonema on left and aloe vera on right) LARGETREES ON DISPLAY VERDICTSunder nursery should be on every garden lover’s list. The nursery has a lot tooffer and also tons of information for someone to gather in the field ofgardening.

Also the nursery has many monuments and historic location which onecan explore. Sunder nursery also proves to be place of interest for severalbird watchers. Many exotic species of birds and even several migratory birdsflew here seasonally. So it’s not bad to carry a camera and binoculars whenvisiting the nursery. At last the most important thing if someone has to buyessentials for his/her terrace garden, sunder nursery is the place.

The complexoffers over 200 plant species to choose from ranging shrubs, creepers, Bougainvillea,flowers,vegetables etc, and all that in reasonable prices.                   MasjidNursery is a private nursery and the nursery complex is located in khan market near Pandara road. The nursery is in close proximity to thesunder nursery and surprisingly gives it a tough competition. Masjid Nurserywas founded by Mr. Munni Lal Saini in the month of April 1948 it had a modestbeginning by growing and selling cut flowers to a handful of embassies andhotels. He did not have any degree in the field of business management but hehad a vision of establishing a chain of nursery/flower shops in Delhi. It isonly because of his foresightedness , apart from having Masjid Nursery he alsoopened a flower shop in Ashoka hotel, second one in Claridges hotel and KamalNursery at Sujan Singh park, Khan market. It houses all types of indoor plantsoutdoor trees, shrubs and bushes including all type of seeds, seedlings, andpotted seasonal flowers and vegetables with all garden tools and implementsmaking it the first nursery in the country to have a complete garden centre.

Itprovides to its customers all there horticultural requirements under one roof.       BESTSELLING PLANTS AT THE NURSERY INDOOR PLANTS PRICE OUTDOOR PLANTS PRICE Aglonema (Chinese evergreen) 375 Ficus 100 Epipremnum aureum (Money plant) 475 Ixora 320 Sanseveria (Snake plant) 575 Roses 400 Euphorbia tithymaloides (Redbird flower) 800 Adenium 550 Pachira aquatica (Pachira plant) 250 Palm 1000              PLANTSKEPT FOR SALE  Masjidnursery is relatively small complex than the other two nurseries visited butprobably has the most number of plant species. As the nursery is controlled byprivate players capital investment in the nursery is far more greater. Experthorticulturalist and cooperative staff is present at the nursery.Though the nursery at any sense in not very please to the pocket as the rateshere are very high compared to the government nurseries. The rates are notsubsidised. But again the quality and variety of plants present here is at parwith any other high end nursery.

MONEY PANT IS A TRADEMARK PLANT AT THE NURSERYOPENLAWNS AT THE NURSERY COMPLEX                                                                                                                     VERDICTMasjid nursery is beautiful nursery, it is one ofthe most rich nurseries in Delhi and have a vast variety of plants and trees.The nursery is easily accessible and is highly maintained by experts. Thoughthe prices in this nursery is comparatively high but again the quality ofplants this nursery provides makes it worth the money spent. The nursery alsohas full fledged website of same name where one can order plants at their doorsteps.

But again having the plants delivered makes the cost even higher. Masjidnursery is a fantastic nursery for anyone who is looking for flowers andshrubs. Their trade mark product is their money plant which is beautifullygrown and it is the been the best I have seen so far.

Apart from plants thenursery also provides seeds and tool for gardening. Masjid nursery is a highend nursery and should be visited by anyone who loves gardening.       The last nursery visitedfor this project was the Exotic Green Nursery in Greater Kailash 1. Exoticgreen nursery is an extraordinary nursery hidden in hustles and bustles of itssurrounding.

As its name suggests the exotic green nursery deals exotic plantssuch as Tropical Bonsai, Indian Bonsai, Cactus, air purifying plants,ornamental plants etc.Exotic nursery is an excellent constructed and a well managed nursery. Thenursery appear to be a plant shop but hidden inside is fully maintainedgreenhouse nursery where several outdoor plants are exhibited.BONSAI TREES ONDISPLAYExotic green nursery mainly deal in ornamentalplants which are used for the purpose of decor. Thus most of the plants soldhere are flowers and decorative plants which are grafted professionally. Thenursery came into existence in 2010 and redefined Green Gifting. The conceptwas introduced to replace the bouquets and other items as a gift with plants asa tribute to the Environment.

GRAFTEDBONSAI COSTS MORE THAN TEN THOUSAND INRAt exotic nursery all the plants are sold inceramic pots which are beautiful in appearance.CERAMICPOTS ON SALE VERDICTExotic nursery is a very well maintained nursery.Though this nursery is not for someone who has just started  gardening butit is an exceptional nursery for intermediate gardeners. The prices are quitehigh but the product you get from this nursery is worth every penny.

Thisnursery maintains a website for orders which are placed online and thendelivered at customers doorsteps. The best thing about this nursery by far isthat even after purchasing a plant from this nursery the staff at the nurseryhelps the customers to maintain the plant and answer the queries of thecustomers and help them grow better and healthy plants.