Regarding atmosphere of the class in teaching. The findings

Regarding the importance of the writing  for( EFL&ESL) learners  as one of significant skills in pedagogy for communicative purpose , this present study aimed to explore the factors which lead to unwillingness to write among Iranian EFL learners ,particularly in the city of  Bushehr .The current  pedagogical atmosphere of EFL classes in English institutions presents the feeling of reluctance in writing skill  and this problem causes  suffering  for both learners and teachers  in pedagogy .Moreover , this problem might cause the learners not be able to achieve accomplishment in  writing skill for communicative purpose.  For this aim, the present researcher has found out interesting results of her research in this study that would be beneficial for both learners and teachers.

The statistical results of two forms of learners and teachers’ questionnaires which have different classifications, demonstrate the factors which lead to unwillingness to write among Iranian EFL.   

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Findings of this study strongly and significantly confirm that the existing factors which are related to learners’ questionnaire included: environmental, pedagogical, behavioral, and comprehensive factors related to the learners.

According to the results of statistical analysis   of the  learners’ questionnaire  classification of the  items in table(4.3.2) in the item (2)the atmosphere of the class has no role  )related to environmental factor demonstrates 50%  of   the learners disagree and this disagreement  presents that the importance of environment  and the atmosphere of the class in teaching.

The findings of this research shows that the environment and the atmosphere of the educational place plays important role in pedagogy. To the best of my knowledge , since one  of the factors of unwillingness to write is environmental factor , environmental education should be designed in a suitable and acceptable form in order to consider the interest of the learners in educational places  and  provide sufficient facilities  for learners to motivate and  satisfy  them. This idea helps lessen the amount of reluctance in learning.

To say in other words ,pedagogical factors are considered as some of major factors that play significant role in making reluctant the learners in this study.