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Red wine is often drink by rich people,did you know that red wine is made up of rotten grape extract. Vitis vinifera(grapes) are giving us with conventional antioxidant nutrient like vitamin C andmanganese. Almost everyone knows that vitamin C can cure common cold, but thetruth is vitamin C is likely to be the one behind your nagging health problemssuch as weight gain, diabetes, infections and cancer. The truth is, reloadingvitamins C in your blood can help improve your immunity, decreasing the chanceof having cancer, boost heart health, and chase off osteoporosis and more!Making it the 12th most plentiful element, Manganese compose roughly0.

1 percent of the earth’s crust,In the 1860’s the importance of manganese tohuman societies exploded with the growth of new steelmaking technology. Insteel making, manganese is necessary and irreplaceable, and by just a fewnations its global mining industry is vanquished. Hence, for the UnitedStates it is considered to be the one of the most critical mineral commodities.Vitis vinifera come out in many colors. Black, blue, green, red, white, goldenand purple but here in this research we’re going to use “red grapes” (Vitisvinifera). Grapes have no cholesterol, like all fruits. Just 90 calories ingrapes. A half of Vitis vinifera and a serving of a cup holds just 90 calories,no sodium and virtually no fat.

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Red seedless grapes aren’t a great support ofminerals, 176 milligrams of potassium is given by them, or 5 percent of the DV,one-cup per serving, as well as little amounts of magnesium, iron, calcium,phosphorus and zinc. “In North America, native grapes familiarity to variousspecies of the Vitis genus spread in the wild through the continent, and amultiple Native American were a portion of the diet, but were advice byEuropean colonists to be incompatible for wine. Vitis vinifera cultivars wereobtain for that purpose”. Vitis vinifera are botanically classed as berries.

Inthe top ten of the worlds favorite fruits the Vitis vinifera showed up alongwith mangos, bananas, and tomatoes. Worldwide, there are approximately 8000great varieties. From Chile, USA imports 25v percent of their grapes. Early as5000 BC the production of wine from grapes started. The oldest grapevine isover 400 year old Suppernong vine in North Carolina, In America.

Only 15percent water is contained in dried grapes (raisins). The average person eats3.6  kilo grams of grapes a year, whichis 0.16 grams per grape. Asthma, fatigue, and kidney disease can be cured usinggrapes.

Around 15,000 glasses of wine are produce by an average one acre ofgrapes. Look in calories, grapes is 80 percent water so it makes a good snack.Over 72 million tons are produced by the grape industry worldwide per year.

Many vines in Europe were destroyed in the 1800’s by an insect which came fromAmerica. Australia produces 1.4 billion liters of wine per year. The NapaValley in California has the area which has the highest concentration ofwineries in the world, with over 200. The largest food based industry in theworld is the grape growing industry.

Pancit is a famous food among Filipino,cabbage is one of its ingredients. It is a multi-layered vegetable. It is aleafy green or purple biennial plant.