Real weight (pun). I was well aware that baptizing

Real family means people who love and trust you through everything, and are aware of the sentimental values in your life. I had been quite stressed, as I needed mettle in order to depend upon myself and to sacrifice a lot to give Dwayne Ray a good life.

I felt like I was struggling all alone, like a lonely cloud (pathetic fallacy). I needed to be a leader that worked based off of my own ideas, which made me feel like an elephant whose opinion carries a lot of weight (pun). I was well aware that baptizing my son would be the best thing to do in my situation. Fortunately, I was lucky, since my mother and grandma decided to visit me to support me while I took care of Dwayne. I was blessed because my grandmother brought a dirty Coca-Cola bottle that contained cloudy water, indicating its location; it had come from Tug Fork, the creek where I was baptized from as a child, and the same one I planned to baptise Dwayne Ray in.

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The same night, I sensed Angel from his pungent odour of alcohol. He came in unexpectedly to pack his things and leave again. He began to ask several questions regarding the tug fork water, which piqued my interest. I realized his negligence when he poured it down the drain.

After this moment, his insensitivity and lack of piety towards me was clearer; his actions had prompted me to recognize that I feel indifferent towards him. Angel’s presence was different from the feelings of a women filling up the house: he is a trifle. The tug fork water allowed me to realize that only family members could have understood the sentimental value of it. Lou Ann- Belt (3) done yep chidedAbuse is an attempt to control the behaviour of another person. It is a misuse of power which may damage an individual physically and mentally. My mother Ivy Logan, and grandmother Granny Logan, both from Kentucky, were visiting to help me with Dwayne. During their two-week stay, they tried their best avoid to Angel. Before their departure, my mother brought her suitcase into the room.

I suddenly recognized the bold, abusive leather belt (personification)  she was holding. It was the same belt that my father used to whip me with when I was younger. The leather belt was frightening, and was an indication of the abuse I was stricken by as a child. Despite the horrid things my father had done to me as a child, deprived me of what it felt like to not be chided and abused, I was able to persevere. I am now a responsible, independent, caring mother that wants the best for Dwayne. I will not be the same person that my father was: deficient in respect and no compunction for his lack of care.

When I look at the bold belt (alliteration), I am reminded of how I have grown as an individual. The memory of the belt will be carried with me for the rest of eternity, but only to remind me of how abuse can strengthen an individual  Taylor- car (4) A fresh start is when you start anew somewhere special, leaving the past behind you; a journey. I had no disdain  for Pittman, as it will always be my home. It was where my mother’s commitment was portrayed, as I was raised without a father. I esteem my mother, as she took great pride in her work: she did the job of both a father and mother, as she worked long hours as a housekeeper to support and provide an asylum for me. I learned to make a future for myself after learning from the mistakes of others around me such as the females in high school who were myopic individuals due to their early pregnancy. My science teacher, Mr.

Hughes, was able to provide me with a well paying job at Pittman County Hospital. Without my mother’s coerce to apply, I would have never gone for the job. After five and a half years with the same job, I realized that time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana (pun).With the money I had earned, my resolve to leave Pittman County became a reality when I purchased a dilapidated 1955 Volkswagen. The car was my passageway to a fresh start (metaphor).

It made everything possible; I got to leave everything behind in Pittman, including my mother, and my name.  5-  chap 12-  Taylor – Sparrow done yesChild abuse is a serious effect that may scar an individ