Ray out books. Another example would be when people

Ray Bradbury is an American author and screenwriter. Ray varies in genre from horror to fantasy and mystery. He was born on August 22, 1920 in Illinois.

He died on June 5, 2012 in California.The Setting of Fahrenheit 451 is mainly all up to the reader. All the reader knows for sure is that it takes place in a suburban US city in the 24th century. All life is boring, and bland, in other words the area is a dystopian. A dystopia is a place opposite of a utopia where all life is horrible.The major characters were Montag, Captain Beatty and Clarisse. Montag is a firefighter and the books protagonist. At the beginning he believes everything he is told about him having to burn book,  but his mind set is soon quickly changed when he meets Clarisse.

Clarisse is Montag’s neighbor and is a schoolgirl. She is mostly hated by everyone she meets, this is because she is strange and oddly outgoing. Clarisse entirely sets the plot into motion when she is introduced. Captain Beatty is Montag’s boss, and avid coworker. He used to be an often reader but has began to hate books due to the false content and now have a desire to burn them. Beatty is the antagonist because he represents the errors in the people and the policies that one must follow.The theme of this novel can be portrayed in many ways. One way is censorship.

Censorship is when a government or people block out a certain content. In Fahrenheit 451 they block out books. Another example would be when people don’t say for themselves and explore, the become bland and boring. This is caused from the people not reading books. Fahrenheit 451 is about Montag, a fireman who burns houses and books in a future American city. A new friend Clarisse causes him to want to read books and steal a book. When reading he is warned he will be killed if he doesn’t burn the book.

He soon leaves the city when the war starts again. He meets others who memorized books and joins them. Montag memorized the Bible and then watches his home and city hit by an atomic bomb.Ray Bradbury’s inspiration for writing this novel would be that when he was a child he witnessed the Nazi book burnings. The Nazis would burn books from other countries because the put false impressions on things during WWII. He also saw poets and writers were arrested and executed. He wanted to make this happen in a book and he used these experiences to make a great novel.

Ray has done a great job with this novel. The plot flows perfectly so that you are always interested. The style of the book can be repetitive and and some time predictable. I would give this novel a solid 3.9/5 stars because personally I don’t like to read but I did like this book but it seemed like I was reading the same thing at times. You always knew what was going to happen but in all it was a goon book.