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Question 1. Why does Arizona have a water crisis?Arizona is having a water crisis because of many factors of climate change like drought and increased dust rate, water evaporation, greenhouse gases causing global warming, and snow runoffs in rivers. Warmer temperatures in Arizona in river has been leading to more evaporation. The water that is being used by plants and soil experience evapotranspiration which has accounted for a loss of at least half-million acre-feet of water annually.The snow on the Rocky Mountains is been melting in the river upper basin, causing snow runoffs to originate.  Question 2.

How will the water crisis affect the economy of Arizona?Due to the decline of the water levels in Lake mead and Colorado River, this has a huge impact on the the southwest of Arizona. This hugely impacts the agricultural industries and ranchings because they face drought, scouring heat and water shortages which decreases their farms yields and productivity. Because Arizona farmers are dependent on irrigation for vegetation, with a water crisis they would have feed shortages which would cause them to sell their farms with weaker disaster relief support.It is a loss for manufacturing companies because they are heavily dependent on the workforce coming to Arizona from other high tech companies.

As the temperatures in summer in Arizona increase upto 100 degrees celsius, there is not much movement into the state by the high tech and research industries because of  the with daily quality of life issues.It also affects Arizona tourism industry which is famous for some of its national parks such as: Grand Canyon, Lake Mead and Lake Powell. When the water levels decline in these water bodies, basic tourists activities like fishing, boating and other recreational activities are affected and many business facilities to face loss.Question 3.

How can we solve the water crisis problem with increasing population?There have been several ways the water crisis can be solved and one of the major steps towards it is that people waste less water. Water resources should be utilized towards basic necessities. Currently, an initiative been passed where Arizona has been building new homes with low-flow plumbing and less landscaping which is very beneficial in newest developments.  On the other hand, Arizona’s state groundwater management law passed in 1980 has been protecting the groundwater supplies in collaboration with Central Arizona Project (CAP).

The CAP controls the amount of water from the Colorado River Water which is poured into underground water tanks to natural aquifers. The CAP has decided to collaborate with other water agencies in Colorado, California, and Nevada and organize campaigns on less water usage.