Question 1 Questions that could be asked to interview

Question 1Questions thatcould be asked to interview a professional engineer regarding the OntarioProfessional Engineering Act and the engineering profession1.

            Howhas engineering as your career impacted your life and how has if enabled you tofulfill your dreams?2.            Howare you able to balance between the technical and social aspects of engineeringin your day to day activities?3.            Doyou feel that engineering as a career has changed over the past few decades,and if so, how do you think that the profession will change in future?4.

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            Whatare some of the reasons that inspired you towards becoming an engineer orrather towards pursuing engineering as your dream career?5.            Cansomeone who has pursued a career in engineering consider himself or herself anengineer after graduation?6.            Isbeing registered a requirement for one to work in Ontario’s field ofengineering?7.            Doyou ensure that you keep pace with technological and technical advancements inthe field of engineering?8.            Whatare some of the challenges that you experience in tour engineering career, andhow do you overcome these challenges?9.

            Whatsuccesses or achievements have you achieved in your profession?10.        Whatare your aspired prospects in this profession, and can you change yourprofession in future or blend it with another career?There are variousthings that could be learnt from the responses to these questions. Engineeringcareer and profession can impact the life of an engineer in various ways. Forinstance it can lead to the fulfillment of one’s desires through theachievements achieved within the profession. Engineering profession has hadvarious changes in the past few decades. For instance curriculum in engineeringhas changed so as to accommodate changes that have been developed so as toimprove various processes and strategies.

A good example of these changes isadvancement in technology that has led to simplifying various engineeringprocesses (Azapagic, Perdan &Clift, 2004). Some reasons that can inspire one to be an engineer aresimilar to reasons for pursuing other professions. For instance, people maypursue engineering so as to achieve their childhood and career desires. Inaddition, some engineers pursue engineering career so as to achieve theirambitions in life, such as becoming senior engineers that can drive changewithin engineering profession. Even thoughgraduating is a way through which one can consider himself or herself anengineer, experience matters in this profession. Through experience engineersare better shaped and positioned to perform more challenging tasks and at arelatively higher perfection. It is require that engineers be registered so asto work in Ontario’s field of engineering, and it is highly recommended thatengineers keep pace with technical and technological advancements so as to bemore competitive.

Some challenges that engineers experience in their professioninclude managing frustrations, determining career paths, communicationchallenges, coping with rejection, job transitions, facing the real world afterschool, etc. Some achievements in this profession include analytical thinking,change leadership, organizational awareness, teamwork, etc. Engineers aspire todevelop their talents and skills so as to be competitive and creative invarious aspects around their profession.

As engineering continues evolving, ithas drawn distinct roots that draw back to civilization maintaining links withthe past and future, and the identification and confrontation of the mostdifficult issues surrounding the profession.Question 2Part 1: Challengesassociated with studying technology: Information communication technologyThere are varying challengesthat affect studying information communication technology. One of thesechallenges is economic changes that pertain to the integration of informationtechnology in different areas of national economy. Various economic sphereshave adopted computerization, and as such, there is a need to have skillededucators that will educate learners in such matters (Sinko & Lehtinen, 1999). Social changes are otherchallenges in information technology studies. These challenges relate to abundanceof information and communication networks development that open newopportunities to acquire and spread information.

When such abundant informationis not obtained and spread within the shortest time possible students fail tolearn some important element in information technology. Lack ofcompetences in using various software for teachers is a major factor that hasundermined studying information communication technology. When teachers are notable to use some software, the ability of students to learn effectively will bequestioned. Lack of competences may be as a result of insufficient financingfor the development of teacher professional in the field of ICT as well asacquiring and financing appropriate computer software and hardware (Sinko & Lehtinen, 1999). Informationcommunication technology is a sensitive field where cooperation is an essentialelement for successful studying. As such, lack of cooperation between academicpersonnel and students may hinder successful studying of ICT. Still oncooperation, teachers need to cooperate with their students so as to offer themthe best support that will ensure that students are helped at all levels.

Lastbut not least, the field of information communication technology faces manychanges that occur every now and then. These changes pertain to entry,adaptation, adoption, invention, appropriation, etc (Sinko & Lehtinen, 1999). Before students finishstudying one element in ICT, a developed element springs up. This calls for allplayers in ICT to be on the lookout so as to identify and embrace newdevelopments on this field so as to achieve successful studies.

Part 2: The use ofcellphoneTechnology such asthe use of cellphone functions as a means of empowerment through various ways.For instance, through cellphones people are able to access essentialinformation. Empowered people require information concerning various topics,and as such they need to have ways of accessing this information. Cellphonespromote sharing of knowledge and education through non-traditional means (Johnstone, 2007). People aretoday spreading important information through the use of applications such asWhatsApp. This information empowers various people, for instance through thespread of scripture verses, guidance and counseling, etc. In addition,technology offer support and create environments for empowering people.

Technology has majorimpacts in the ways one can socialize with friends and relatives. Throughcellphones, it is easy to communicate essential information fast. Other thanimportant information, regular communication with friends and relatives createstrong social ties that are important in various aspects of life (Johnstone, 2007). With increasedadvancement in technology, many changes are expected to be developed in future.For instance, in the same way that many socialization platforms have beendeveloped and embraced by many people, other improved platforms will bedeveloped and some of the current platforms may experience reduced usage orthey may cease being used.

Many processes will also be modernized andtechnology will be employed in most aspects of life leading to the improvement ofstandards of living.