Q-1 In today’s modern world, computer-based information plays the

Q-1 What is computer-based information system and what are the components based information system?Ans:- Meaning:- A computer is used to retrieve, filter and process data and integrals of hardware and software technology & human elements design to produce time to time, integrated, accuracy and useful information for decision-making purposes.

In today’s modern world, computer-based information plays the pivotal role in physical artifacts and manual procedures.Moreover, Information systems describe the reading or writing and transmission of information. However, they deal with the analysis, modify, replicate, and synthesis of information, decisions, procedures, and actions based upon information.Components of based information:-•    Software:- There are the programs that allow the hardware to process the data and help to save the data in it is known as Software.•    Hardware:- There are many devices in the hardware that is important and plays key role they are as follow as monitor, processor, printer & keyboard, all of which work together to accept, process, show data, and information. •    Procedures:- There are many commands for combining the components above to all process information & produce the preferred results.•    Databases:- The collection of files containing data to store in information systems and can be helpful in future is known as Databases.•    People:- The last but not the least component of Information systems is people and out of all information systems, people are mandatory to operate all the system, Moreover, without people, no components can rely upon and that is why people a crucial role in components of information systems.

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                                                                                                                                                               Q-2 What role does an information system plays in today’s  organizations?Ans:-In today’s modern world there are roles in which information systems play vital role in the organizations and are as follow as:-?    DECISION-MAKING SYSTEM:-The first and the most important role of information systems is decision-making system. Nowadays, new organizations are very much accurate in making decisions instantly and due to that decision-making systems play important role in today’s organization.?    BUSINESS PROCESSES ENVIRONMENT:-The second and the most important role is to have an environment in which business processes are taken into account. Furthermore, business processes can lead project planning and implementation through which it will effective monitoring and comparison in the process.

?    DATA &  ANALYSIS:-The analysis of all storage in the database in the information system to get a perfect idea of past and present records through analysis and get solutions for future problems well in advance.