Purpose where and when violence could occur, who is

PurposeManagement wewill not tolerate any form workplace violence towards staff. This document covers:·        thecouncil’s policy and procedures ·        officebased and fielded based staff.·        Anyincident of abused, threatening behaviour or assault by clients or the public.ResponsibilitiesManagers must:·        Implementthis policy;·        Makesure that staff are aware of, understand and implement this policy;·        Respondpromptly to any reports of workplace violence.·        Recordall incidents ·        Fullysupport all staff directly or indirectly affected by workplace violence.

·        Respondto and consider seriously any suggestions to improve workplace safety.·        Wherepossible, resolve incidents, ideally before they escalate.·        Reviewand, where necessary amend, this policy and the risk assessment regularly.·        Assistthe police in their enquiries where necessary.

·        Notencourage or incite violence. All staff are responsiblefor their own behaviour and must comply with this policy. Staff should:·        Beaware of the council’s policy and comply with it.·        Offergood client service and be aware of client needs.·        Recognisethe potential for workplace violence and take action to resolve it before itescalates. ·        Takepositive action e.g.

contact a manager if they think a client or member of thepublic might cause problems.·        Notaccept instances of workplace violence directed towards them or others. ·        Reportany instances of violence managers.·        Supportcolleagues who have been victims of or have witnessed workplace violence.·        Proposeto management any improvement which might reduce the risk of workplace violence.·        Notencourage or incite violence. Staff,including managers, not adhering to this policy may be subject to disciplinaryaction.

Staff andmanagers should co-operate with trade unions in minimising workplace violence.RiskassessmentsThe riskassessment should be conducted by **Insert name here** and are reviewed annuallyor when there is a change.The riskassessments for workplace violence must be kept **insert location here**.The riskassessment should consider how, where and when violence could occur, who is atrisk, the likelihood and severity of harem and preventive measures that have ormay be applied.Prevention andmanagement measuresThere are anumber of measures in place that staff should be aware of.WorkenvironmentMeasures forphysical security of the offices **record these here**Workingpractices**Record theprocesses e.g.

lone working and reporting planned visits of field staff.**TrainingThe followingtraining should be provided:On inductionand repeated periodically, allstaff, including managers, should receive training on workplace violence.Managers willbe trained on how to handle complaints and trouble among clients effectively.Following anincidentWherenecessary:A first aideror paramedics should be called.The policeshould be called.Report thematter under RIDDORAll incidents:Should berecorded and investigated by management. Review This policyshould be reviewed annually or where there has been or will be relevant change.  Signed:(Manager)Date: