Psychology and the reactive part. Analytical part of the

Psychology            Psychologists have a hard job, theytake on all of the pain, stress, and struggles of others. They constantly areworking to help people sort out their problems and work through their struggles.It is by no means an easy job although many people look at it as one. Psychologistsare able to treat, diagnose, and study patients. They do these things to helppeople and make their lives more enjoyable. Before this class when someonewould talk about a psychologist I would think of a person lying on a couchtelling some older man about their life problems. Which is partly true althoughthere is a lot more to the profession.

Just like other professions psychologyhas areas you can specialize in for instance clinical psychologist, sportspsychologist, and forensic psychologist. Everything that psychologists do intheir line of work is worth it and needed it helps a lot of people who mostlikely would not receive the help that they truly need without the help of apsychologist.             The mind is said to be a controlsystem between the environment and the spirit of a human being. It is used tosolve everyday problems, hold memories, and survival skills. The website calledScientology claims there is two parts of the mind the analytical part and thereactive part. Analytical part of the mind is concentration people have thatmakes them focus on what is happening around them.

The reactive part is thepart of the mind that actually says “hey do this” or “do that” (Church of Scientology International).  The mind is said to be located in the brain inmany cases, Liah Greenfeld, from Psychology Today would argue that it issupported by the brain, but not confined to that location. She claims it to besymbolic stimuli that originate from the cultural environment.

It is more of anindividual aspect than something that is anatomically in a certain location (Dr.Liah Greenfeld).  I honestly did not findthat many places that actually talked about the mind and where it is located.

Ibelieve this is partially due to the fact that most people just assume it isattached to our brains. Which is what I thought before reading some of thesearticles. Saying things like our mind is attached to our emotions and formed byour culture. I most definitely think it is something that we all should beaware of. Now that I think about it I see how it does not really have ananatomical location in the body.                     ReferencesChurchof Scientology International. (n.d.

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