Prompt perfect, fresh rose but the poem contains an

Prompt 1In ” Dorothy Parker”, ” One Perfect Rose” the Rose is the best thing one could picture when anyone talks about love. As the saga goes, in the poem too, a rose is a way of showing love and giving of the signs of love and being so romantic.

The poem is about how a romantic scene is completed by presenting the best or perfect, fresh rose but the poem contains an irony; there is an unexpected desire noted in the woman for materialistic good. The speaker wishes to be spoilt with expensive gifts like the perfect limousine or the best roses  instead of the perfect old school rose or a rose of no worth. There’s also personification in there too. In the story ” the poetess has compared the fragile leaves of the rose straight to the man’s heart”.The whole poem is based upon the creating a romantic feeling by using a rose. In the first line the speaker says ” that her man had sent her only one flower since they’ve met”. This statement is still unsure or uncertain if she’s complaining or just stating a fact, she may be even amazed or wondering why but it’s mostly uncertainty.

The first paragraph also describes the rose as pure and fresh or it’s something new like right out of the box, picture just getting some new shoes the smile of fresh and new. The deep-hearted rose is a picture of the heart of her man, his emotions as in the 2nd paragraph, the leaves of the rose have been personified as the man’s heart.  The rose has been found quoted as perfect yet ironically has fragile leaves. The poem is an amazing irony in itself as the rose has been pure or fresh with perfection and praises but still unaccepted as the desire of the woman lies in much futuristic, selfish and materialistic goods.

The narrator still describes the roses a perfection because it’s fresh and pure to him and it’s like his love is so strong that his will never give up because his love is like no other it’s pure and real. She really being materialistic because many women/men don’t know when they have something at the time because they are looking for something way better or something that doesn’t even live or exist, however it’s right in front of them the whole time. I think the rose is a sign or positivity to the men because it’s showing his true feelings and it’s his whole heart and meaning and how he feelings for the women.Prompt 2in Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken,” it talks about making choices. Growing up everyone has to make no choices that will either help them or teach them a listen.

in the poem in traveling and comes upon a cross roads or a fork-in-the-road. Here he or she much decide which way to continue traveling. I think the roads symbolizes two ways that their lives can go and he has to make a choice that will determine his life. One way looks as if it has been traveled many times before and is the safer, easier route to continue down but on the other hand, the other road does not look like it has been used recently or at all and may be more problems and obstacles to go through or travel on. He ends up selecting the path less traveled by, or the road that did not look as safe to continue his path. He/she states that by choosing this path, it has “made all the difference.” You could see the author states that as a theme.

Not only is the theme about choice, but it about how people choose the wrong way to pursue or the way their are not comfortable with, someone who goes outside the box to think, a outsider or someone who takes chances.  Think of the saying, “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” If this person selected the easy path, they would not have experienced any challenges, yet by choosing the path less traveled they are inviting obstacles and  adventure, which may make them stronger person and teach them life lessons. The title focus on the wrong path because the story is about how we choose the wrong path to build character and get life lessons and teaches us from right and wrong and sometimes hurts us or gives us knowledge.

He believes he’s going to the tell the journey because it’s going to help him in the long run or the future, it’s going to better him and help him grow. The narrator choose the rode he taught best for his future so he has to go on that jounrey so that he could determine his life. Going down that rode will either help him or hurt him but either way going to make him better and develop more, may even mature him some more. This path is not only going to make him into a men but also going to make his life easier because I believe if you take care of all the hard things early ,you are not going to have to worry about them later or have to even stress about the problems in the future.