Project can accelerate the implementation process as they establish

Project Management office represents a team of senior project managers who play a vital role in development of methodology.

It is formed in order to improve the organizations project management results. It is a top down organization that defines the project management standards, tools and techniques that the organization should follow. PMO’s can be found at different levels of organization including enterprise-wide, organizational-level or program-level.  Enterprise level PMO’S spill their scope among all the projects in the organization and all projects may report to the enterprise PMO. An organization level PMO focuses on implementing the standards, tools and techniques against the projects executed in the organization. Program level PMO provides the administrative and project management support to projects with in the program. Every organization is trying to be successful in the current competition. Success of any organization depends on the allocation of resources or assets to the project in various stages of development and the way their projects are managed.

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PMO helps in creating an efficient methodology. In the current case study, company do not have a PMO team instead they had few templates. It also states that it has been a year and they haven’t come up with a methodology as some of the top-level employees may have fear of losing the power and had no forecast about the future.

In my opinion a PMO can accelerate the implementation process as they establish the guidelines for all the project managers and teams and also maintain uniformity in all the templates, forms and process. 1.       Operating strategy2.       Processes3.       Culture4.       Organization Architecture5.       Performance ManagementPMO stands out to be the most important contributor in project management.

Having a successful PMO can align the portfolio towards future strategy, delivering the projects on time and within budget, understanding the linkages and dependencies and improving the communication within the organization or with stakeholders.PMO can exceed expectations the organization by separating the errand into various activities and can screen to make each project to have its own technique as needs be to accomplish its own destinations. A perfect PMO should be able to support a project to quickly prepare without needing to create the supporting project tools and processes. This means that the project should have a rapid time to market.

Project management organizations that has low ability tend to play an aiding role often focused on process observance and on reporting, while more mature organizations have the ability to partner other functions to drive value from projects and the briefcase, and to play a much expanded role including planning formulation, resource allocation and management of outsourcing.