Product update their digital storefronts with new content Differences:

Product JD Sportsproducts: JD sports1offers a wide variety of clothing and sport equipment for any and all situation.It sells all sport wear, balls for each and every sport E.

G. football,basketball, tennis balls as well as selling the equipment such as tennisrackets and more. They also supply trainers and other styles of footwear formen, women and children. They also have an advantage on its digital storefrontproving to be the most popular for online shopping with it’s easy to understandinterface and showing off most popular products, which can prove to be a verygood part of the business in the future.2 Screenshots                                  ITunesProducts ITunes is a digital storefront that sells Music, audiobooksand movies3that sends .

m4p file/ .m4v files to an IOS enabled device/ software system. Thisallows for it to be digitally played through any Apple device ort computer withITunes installed. The physical versions of the songs are not able to be boughtthrough the storefront but the digital versions can be downloaded again andagain onto different devices and can be played without another device.4It also has the ability to differentiate the genres of all the products in sucha way so as to make it easier to find the style of music/films/books5you enjoy the most. It updates frequently with newer songs released by bignames and smaller bands.6 Screenshots           Similaritiesand differences (M1)Similarities:Both are the most popular online store fronts intheir respective fields. Both use online storefronts to sell itemsBoth update their digital storefronts with newcontent Differences: One sells physical products whereas the other sellsdigitalDifferent companies made themOne uses shops and the internet to sell theirproducts whereas the other only has an online storefront PlaceJD Sports –Delivery & tracking online, getting the product to the customer Once an item has been purchased from the JD sport websitethere are three main way in which the delivery is carried out.

There is thestandard delivery, next day delivery, premium next day delivery and click andcollect. Standard delivery usually involves paying £3.99 on any order that isless than £60 and if it is over the delivery is free. Next day deliveryinvolves paying a fee of £4.99 minimum regardless of the overall costs of theproducts but does have the added bonus of being delivered in a set window oftime for the next day. Premium next day delivery involves a fee of £5.99 andcomes without an allotted delivery time the next day.

Click and collect justsends the order to the nearest pick up point and has no extra fees involved.The site7also includes the function of being able to track where your delivery hasgotten to, using either email alerts, account usage or both.  Screenshots    ITunes – Delivery& tracking online, getting the product to the customer ITunes does not require people to have their music delivereddirectly to their door. Instead it uses the internet to send the music and/ orfilm files to the device that has paid for it. This gets rid of costs fortransport but does cause a slight increase on maintenance of the servers thatITunes runs off. This allows for the music to be instantly sent over theinternet into the device that the user wants to have their music on.

Thisallows for them to have the music quickly, easily and efficiently, whilst alsoshowing how long it will take to fully complete its download. Screenshots   Similaritiesand differences (M1) Similarities:Both have a form of progress of how far theproduct is to use by the customerThey each require payment before the deliverycan be startedThey both have the ability to show how far alongthe chain of movement the product has gone with accounts to their serviceDifferences: One uses a progress bar whereas the other hasemail alertsOne has a fee for delivery whereas the other hasno feeOne uses the internet to deliver products whereasthe other requires physical transportation Applications(Apps)JD Sports –getting the product to the customer The JD sports app Functions practically in the same way thatthe website works, with the ability to find and order products only from asmartphone or tablet. It allows for a much easier time in ordering and findingthings for those on the go, not requiring a person to bring a laptop aroundwith them to order a new pair of trainers. It also allows for people to findthings much easier with an intuitive layout that works much better for mobilesthan it does for PC’s or laptops. Screenshots   ITunes -getting the product to the customerThe iTunes application allows for ease of access into a widerange of music, films, books and games with ways to narrow down what users aretrying to find to specific genres, artists and popularity.

This is a veryuseful way of doing things as it helps customers get to what they want to buyand prevents quitting and going to a competitor’s website to find a song due tofrustration and the layout and design of the application.  Screenshots  Similaritiesand differences (M1)   PaymentmethodJD Sports -payment methodFor payment JD sports offers a wide range of options,including a large number of debit and credit cards, apple and android pay aswell as PayPal for their online services. As well as these options they alsohave the option of using a gift card system. The credit/debit cards use themoney set by the company/the money from your bank account to pay for the itemsthey have on offer. The gift card has a set value that has been already bought withinthe shop so that it can be used to pay for things on the website without usingthe bank details.      Screenshots ITunes – PaymentmethodLike JD sports website, Apple uses a similar amount of paymentoptions for the iTunes store. It allows for credit or debit cards, PayPal and giftcards8.

However the payment options then begin to differ. They allow for countryspecific payment options, such as Alipay, China unionPay, WeChatpay and Appstore top up cards9. Theseoptions allow for people from other countries to use the common form of onlinepayment compared to what other markets would use. Especially in China, thebiggest tech market in the world, this can prove to be very useful as it canattract potential investors with the ability to easily use whatever form ofpayment they want.          Screenshots:      Similaritiesand differences: (M1)   SocialMediaJD Sports –Social Media JD sports is often held up as the best format for businessesusing social media.

They use almost all the most popular social media platforms– Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. With all these platforms they showoff their new products ahead of release. This allows them to gain qualitative dataon the customer’s opinions on new products, good or bad. They also use theirsocial media accounts to help out with customer issues as they provide answersto problems they are facing with products and/or the website, as well asin store problems.  1 2 3 6  7