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Problems facing accountants      The accountant is undoubtedly one of the most common occupations in our society. No matter the scale of the company, accounting services are required. For individuals, they need accountants to help them to cope with the problems they faced during their tax payment. However, the fact is, there is a higher rate of unemployment among accounting graduates than ever before. Hence, this essay will discuss the problems faced by accountants in the modern society, including lack of internship available and challenges E-commerce has brought. The possible solution for the problems including further education for accountants and the adjustment in companies’ decisions will be evaluated.     Working experience is considered one of the most important factors considered by the employers before the employment. There are thousands of accounting students graduated from college every year. Nevertheless, the internship available is far from enough. Consequently, tremendous unemployment among accountants is being a social issue. Rather than hard skills, internship experience brings a significant progress on employees’ soft skills. According to a survey conducted by Cook, Parker, and Pettijohn (2004) among business interns, the majority of the interns said that internship experience gives them the ability to work with various types of people and makes themselves more mature. Soft skills are more about social skills, that is the kind of knowledge would not have been taught in class. Knowing how to interact with people have a promoting effect on facilitating cooperation as well as productivity improvement.  From the employers’ perspective, hiring a qualified employee who has work experience is always an economic or better choice. Because once the company had hired interns, they will have to devote their time to teach the interns about the practical knowledge, which is necessary for them through their work. However, stated by Ken. T. (2014), further research showed that 14% of employers said experience in the workplace is significant when hiring young people. But just 27% of employers said they offer young people the chance to gain work experience. Therefore, a harmful cycle is formed. The main reason for the companies to offer work experience is the desire to find good employees. But if companies are reluctant to put attention into the training of interns, employees who can bring them long-term profit will hardly exist. It is much more sensible for companies to provide opportunities of employment towards interns in the long run. offering internship can be a means to attract talents. For example, if a company improve the quality of internship training, it increases attractiveness to the excellent accountants. That contributes to the stay of talents. For the interns themselves, they are supposed to ask for feedback on their performance during the internship. To find out what your strengths and weakness are, then get it ready for the next application.      With the evolvement of technology, a new form of business based on the internet is formed in the late 1990’s. That is the electronic commerce, also known as the e-commerce. This revolution changed everything, especially on people’s shopping behaviours. Instead of the traditional retail industry, online shopping is now in a predominant position. Most of the consumer are more willing to choose shopping online, mainly for a cheaper price and more options for products. Merchants just need to take a photo of the commodities they supply; customers would have to accomplish their payment online before the products send to them by mail. Many of the online merchants handle the business by individuals. So a lot of them prefer to pay their tax previous to sending the tax bill to an accountant. Because they think they are totally qualified to handle their own tax payment. But that bring a lot of problems to accounting field. As is known to all, the date on the internet is easy to be altered.  Hackers have never been considered as potential competitors like now. Technical knowledge and legal knowledge are becoming more and more important for accountants to cope with their business on online transactions. The wrong amount of taxation expense will cause a loss to the revenue, which is a grave social issue to one country’s economic growth. The CCAB warned that unqualified accountants would represent a serious threat as controlling money laundering (Gosling,2015). Works done by individuals who are lack of expertise are unsatisfied. That is why accountants need to evaluate the key skills, knowledge, and training that help them to be competitive in the world of electronic business?Aquino, 2001).E-commerce has connected all the consumer and merchants around the world. People are no longer settle for doing business with people in domestic, but the whole world connected by internet. When it comes to online transaction across nations, tax on both imports and exports should be carefully calculated. Because tax rates are varied among countries. A mastery on taxation is required for accountants on account of a grave penalty will be led by an error on filing tax. Therefore, being conscientious is of great importance to accountants. Despite the higher demand accountants faced during interviews, the rise of e-commerce provides opportunities for accounting profession as well. The expansion of the internet makes it easier for everyone to develop their own store. It is low-cost and low-barrier. Most importantly, the transactions going through network never stop. Business are running day and night.  More business means more work opportunities. In order to catch up with the trend of online business, accountants must be informed about various electronic commerce strategies for the sake of advise management on the best and most profitable way to enter into the world of e-commerce. (Hicks, 2004) So as to meet the requirement of the online clients, accountants have the necessary to know the technology used by their clients. The languages using in e-commerce yet cannot be overlooked. Learning to work ‘in the cloud’ is advantageous to accountants’ careers.        In conclusion, the employment situation for accountants nowadays is definitely uneasy. The labour market is competitive and demanding.