Probably screams were loud and could be well arrayed

Probablybecause they thought or act the same way the other people did. In which therewere many incidents that others could have helped but don’t help. b.     Why did policenot want to get involved in this incident?This case wasover a woman that got out of work and was assaulted by a random person. She wasrunning till over street in front of an apartment building the assaulter caughtup to her and stabbed her 4 times.

Her screams were loud and could be wellarrayed around the entire area, but nobody called the police. When the guyheard someone yelling out of the window, he ran back to his car while the womanmanaged to get up and went around the corner still screaming. She collapsed rightin the hallway of the building. There was one apartment above and was occupied.

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The person opened his door when the killer came back to stab the woman another8 times and bleed to death. But the shock to the city was not the murder of theperson but that a person got murdered and neighbors watched and didn’t do anythingabout it. This was an initiative of the impetus for research on the psychologicalphenomenon that became known as the “Bystander Effect” bypsychologists John Darley and Bibb Latané.

So, they created twoexperiments: the first one failed but the second one their theory was clearlyproved. That in most situations that most people when its one person comparedto a group of 4/5 people is that you are much less likely to respond yourself.The responsibility that the individual feels for helping is defused when thereare other people who can also help.

a.      Summarize thecase. 3.     Please watchthe video (found here:

com/watch?v=BdpdUbW8vbw) regarding the case of Kitty Genovese. They also may turnover the case. The police did confirm that the officer they refused to name wasunpaid administrated while this continues to be investigated and that thisincident should be only on the veteran officer and not reflected on the good actionsof the department as a whole. And to keep the victim’s mom informed with everythingbased on this case.c.      How might thepolice handle this incident?  The case Bradyv. Maryland enters this case  b.

     How does Bradyv. Maryland enter into this case?  Also, that there was a mysterious fire erupteddestroying the surveillance video which would have otherwise captured theincident leading to Ms. Willard’s death.Also, thatthe victim’s personal properties and vehicles were supposed to be released andif any effort to destroy that evidence will only further implicate thedepartment in what appears to be a department wide up coverThat accordingthe victim’s attorney of what he heard from the family about the police. Hisbeliefs played a role in Daniel’s death, that the same officer named in courtcases county is trying to dismiss for missing of credible evidence. I think thatthe implication of a corruption is that the same name comes in every report.

 (2013, March 21). Retrieved January 10, 2018, from a.      Discuss theimplications of possible officer corruption in this incident. 2.

     Please watchthe video (found here: regarding suspected officer corruption and answer the following discussionquestions.  Now accordingto Sir Robert Peel > Peel’s Nine Principles that the mission of police existenceis to prevent crime and disorder, never abuse judiciary powers, use force necessaryto restore order.  The police jobfrom today and 100 years ago is somehow different but not completely.

Then youhad thief-takers, who tries to gain pardon from the king for their own crimes.Sometimes criminals also did accept to be thief-takers, so they will get profitout of it.b.     Is the policejob much different today from what it was 100 years ago?    In comparisonthe police of the 19th century with the police of today, there’s afew changes. The police in the 19th century had a system of mutualpledge of tithing (10 families) and 10 tithings (100 families) that was underthe charge of constable. The Shire-reeve (sheriff) oversaw the shires (county).

Back in the day the public helped the police with the methods of hue and cry(cry for help) & watch and ward (that all men were required to serve onit.) Basically, there is just one thing to take in consideration that thepolice are part of the public and public can also be police.a.

      How have publicattitudes toward police changed? Why? 1.     Compare andcontrast the police of the 19th century with the police of today.  Chapter 1    I hope thatwhen I get my bachelor’s degree I can fulfill my dreams of a CSI. Not so surein which direction precisely but I can assure is that I have always liked mysteryand solving things.4.     What do you hope to do with your degree after graduation? I choose to cometo WSC because of the opportunities, this college was offering. In Curaçao I didn’thave such variety of choices.

It was either be a business major or pharmacy.3.     Why did you select Wayne State College? My major is Criminal Justice. I want to do a minorsubject as well but I’m quite still undecided.2.     What is your major?My name isSupharmy. I come from a little island in the Caribbean called Curaçao.

I’m currentlyan 18-year-old freshman. I’m a caring, social, also a little shy type of person.1.     Please provide a brief introduction of yourself. About Me