Prisoner but were chosen anyways to be killed.. After

Prisoner B-3087Prisoner B-3087 is definitely one of my favorites, even though it’s super sad! This book is about a Jewish boy named Yanek, who has everything and everyone he has ever loved, completely taken away from him.. It starts with him living the life of any other family, in an area called Krakow Poland. Later in his life, the Germans come to their town, to tell them they’ll be taking everyone away. By searching every apartment building in the area, and taking them to different concentration camps.

Even though the area was a ghetto, is was easily better than any camp. This was a huge jump for their family that they obviously didn’t want to take. For many months, they all hid in the little pigeon coop on the roof, to stay away from the Germans.

Unfortunately, they were found and all taken away, not together either. This was the last time he saw his parents and siblings. The whole book is about him going to 10 completely different concentration camps, each time he faces a different encounter of death. The camp that I did my project on, is Trzebina Concentration camp, easily one of the worst camps.

The Nazi’s goal was to completely tear down the Jews, with the terrible jobs they had to do for hours. This was the camp that Yanek finally had enough, and rebelled from this point, to the end. One of the other prisoners noticed that Yanek was tired of working and being beat up, so he tried to fight back and was shot instantly.

One of the Nazis was trying to make an example of him, so he took random prisoners from their lines (roll call) and hung them in front of the other prisoners to show what would happen if they didn’t follow their orders. Most of the prisoners that were chosen did nothing wrong, but were chosen anyways to be killed..

After this terrible incident, Yanek vowed to never fight back, and get other innocent prisoners killed for his actions. The next camp was Birkenau concentration camp, where there were rumors that this was the camp where they’d be killed with the gas chambers. They were all put in lines, leading to this building, with the smell of something burning in the air.. Fortunately, they were actually given a shower after days and days, this was a blessing for Yanek and the other prisoners after thinking they were gas chambers. There were 6 other concentration camps ahead of him with so many different challenges. For example,  being lashed 12 times for a missing button on his uniform, and carrying huge stones up a hill with the pressure of being shot for dropping it..

Each journey to a camp was different, sometimes they were piled in on trains, others where they had to walk for miles. This whole journey to 10 different camps was one big nightmare, that by the end of it, he didn’t care to be alive. After what felt like forever, they were taken to a camp called Dachau where they had to walk for miles. At this camp, there were Americans that had taken them to Munich! Where each prisoner got their own bed with blankets pillows, and a buffet of food.

After being taken care of by Americans, he found out that his cousin had survived the war, along with his wife and three others that they took in as family. He had lost pretty much his whole family, but that didn’t stop him from doing what he wanted to do. He decided to set foot on a train, where he started his journey to America, where he wanted to be! This was an amazing book that easily made me cry by the end, seeing that he made it after everything he had to do in order to survive. The sad part is, this is a true story about a man named Jack Gruener. This book also shows that life can throw anything at you at any moment. You just have to fight through it and stay positive, you never know what will happen! Seeing some of the other things they had to do besides work for hours was crazy, I never wanted to stop reading!