Primark the strongest point was to take over “Arcadia

Primark has enjoyed enormous success, in the last 2 years, the reason is value preposition of Primark cheap clothing which gave a guarantee that it will be one of the lowest “Disposable’ fashion. According analysis it attracts a lot of consumers especially following 2008 crisis led to customers to buy clothing at the lowest price, as results show the company took advantage and enjoyed successive revenue and profitability since 2007. Primark’s one of the strongest point was to take over “Arcadia Group” BHS according financial times over recent year. Bhs has struggled met targets with rise of value fashion rival mostly from Primark, and stated that market moved a lot of towards price clothing as a Primark. SWOT analysis shows that of the biggest weakness of Primark is consumer perception is “Unethical”, which on one hand is reflection of the increasing public awareness towards consequences of low cost fashion brand, from the following accident. Rana plaza collapsed on April 24,2013 in Bangladesh, Dhaka caused the death of 1138 workers injuring more than 2000 people.

The horrible accident was not only seen as alarm for the international fashion industry to band together and protect those vulnerable in their supply chains, it was also immediate action for the Primark and supplier in Rana plaza, to check at it ethical conditions and SCR.Primark also facing challenge from a consumer perception that is ordinary brand and not intend to sell more trendy and stylish which may lead to losing out young generation and let to win other fashion retailer that offers low price value preposition.Current statistic shows that increasing number of people who suffers with obesity and struggle to find the exact size, is the biggest opportunity for the company who can design and provide to plus size consumers. (Mintel 2015), and prediction illustrates by 2050 number of obese population will increase, clothing companies such as Primark needs to start investing in plus size clothing.

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Another point, as a result of the Uk referendum decision to leave EU has created number of questions about the impact to retail companies. ABF has highlighted that decision to leave EU, has caused uncertainty in the business and financial environment.