President can.Why put a female down and not allow

                   President RooseveltBorn: January 30, 1882, Hyde Park, NYDied: April 12, 1945, Warm Springs, GAPresidential term: March 4, 1933 – April 12, 1945Party: Democratic PartyVice presidents: John Nance Garner (1933–1941), Henry A. Wallace(1941–1945), Harry S. Truman (1945) Name:President D RooseveltMy role is:RooseveltMy Audience:The WorldMy format is: LetterThe Topic is:United States January 20, 1941 Dear Citizens of the World,Since the year 1789, the people of the United States have focused on creating and uniting our nation.

From Washington’s time to Lincoln’s to the present day, we have been desperately trying to save our country from interruptions inside and outside of our system. The time has come for us to change our mindset quickly, stop for a moment, and think. Where are we going? Where have we been? How has the past shaped us and how will it shape our future? If we don’t stop and do this, we will end up alone.  America is more fast paced than certain places like Italy and Mexico.Most Americans doubt this.Some American Americans who are white,male,and live in the middle to upper class believed democracy is the best way to navigate life.

Everyone else not fortunate enough to be a white,male,and live in the middle to upper class see democracy as Bullshit.The rest of us citizens know that democracy isn’t fair.It’s not fair because,females should be able to get the same impression as males,it’s also not fair because.Females could handle there end sometimes males need females help more than anything.

A Male couldn’t do everything on his on sometimes they need help from females,females can carry the load as well as guys can.Why put a female down and not allow them to work for themselves and work hard as well as the males?Past years have been living freely years—bless full years for the people of this democracy. For they have developed greater security, I pray and wish that life is more about living and appreciating life instead of life being taken away from you..From any past or present you should never ruin someone else’s life then lose yours..Take care of each other,you gotta want to be better Americans and greater human beings.Why violence? Why abuse? Why molester’s? Why locked away for awful decisions? Why give them the reason to put you away? Why not be the opposite person ppl always say you’ll never be?(Something in life but a piece of shit)..ACTIONS speak louder than thoughts come together guys,forget all the small talk,cut the gangs, ya’ll can all be family in one.Sisters y’all don’t have to go for each other just come together.No Matterifyour Asian,Latino,Dominican,black or white no matter your race This is Me Keyonta R.Davis Changing My Citizens Rights and opinion to Positivity and dedication to my fellow Americans.