Presenting more suitable for back care. The memory seat

Presenting to you the Finest Quality Memory Foam SeatA tailored to perfection memory foam cushion which is designed in collaboration with orthopedics to make it more suitable for back care. The memory seat cushion will become your ultimate journey companion during long traveling hours.

Our memory seat cushion with a soft velvety cover will make your journey full of comfort while improving your body posture. As a result, your lower back pain issues and knee problems will be sorted out with this magical soft cushion in use.An ideal choice for offices as well as traveling as you can mold the cushion according to your body and it will remember your body shape. This memory backup feature differentiates it from other cushions that are available, making it a go-to product. Work More Productively with Minimal EffortFeel more relaxed by reducing your knee and lower back pain issues.

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You will feel more energetic and more productive, which is an essential requirement to keep fit when you have a desk job in particular. Now you can sit up straight for long hours without the need to stand up in the middle of your task for stretching due to pain.It’s a lightweight cushion that carries an ultra-modern gel base to make it more flexible and comfortable for best use of it.

Also, you don’t need to make adjustments to the foam every time as it remembers your body posture, hence saving time and effort. Travel Along with your Comfort PartnerTake this super memory foam travel buddy along on a long journey and have a splendid time. You just need to place the cushion on your office seat, plane seat or even car seat as it is designed to fit on any seat to make your sitting experience more comfortable than ever.

It’s also suitable for pregnant women as it’s designed in collaboration with orthopedics. Saves your Washing TimeOur super memory foam is highly-durable to make it deliver the best of performance for long. Don’t need to worry about its cleaning as its machine-friendly. Just remove the top cover of the foam seat and put it in the washing machine.

The super sturdy zipper and easy to remove top cover makes the washing process hassle-free. Designed with BrillianceA contoured surface cushion according to your body needs. Our super memory foam follows your buttock and upper thigh posture and will support your spine while improving your body posture. This alignment distributes your body weight evenly.

The contoured face cushion is much more relaxing as compared to the regular cushion which reduces the tailbone and back pain issues. Multipurpose- Promotes a healthy body posture and improves spine alignment- Multi-layered cushioning for uncomfortable chairs/seats- Ideal for long flights, long drives- Supports in healing fractured, bruised tailbones