Pregnancy four hours after dinner= During pregnancy digestion process

                                       Pregnancy time can be categorised in three stages known as trimesters, beginning with the first day of the woman’s last menstrual cycle and ending with the birth of the child roughly 40 weeks later. Amid these stages, pregnancy can significantly disturb your sleep schedule and cause sleep disorders such as Sleep onset insomnia(difficulty falling asleep at normal bed times) and sleep maintenance insomnia(difficulty remaining asleep). Some more problems like cramps, nausea, frequent urination, swelling, physical pain, vivid dreams, heart burn, disordered breathing etc. these extra problems also contribute in sleep distrubance.  Here below are a few very useful tips to avoid such problems=1.Stay awakeing upto four hours after dinner= During pregnancy digestion process will be slow and sitting or sleeping just after dinner can cause stomach disorders.

For its solution, take a light dinner earlier at night and do some walk after dinner.This will help boost digestion process.2. Avoid fast foods,citrus fruits,acidic foods and coffee = These foods can usually cause you heart burn.3.Aoid carbonated drinks= The phosphorous in bubbly beverages can decrease amount of calcium you are able to metabolize.

Besides this, To increase the calcium intake add calcium rich products like dairy products; dark-green, leafy vegetables; and canned salmon with bones etc.4. Try to relax yourself= In pregnancy, there can be BP(blood pressure) imbalance. Try to do meditation, prenatal yoga or other relaxation techniques; soaking in warm baths; eating tryptophan-rich foods etc. to make yourself calm and less worried. 5.

Proper sleep position= To sleep on the left side is the best position for pregnant ladies. This will reduce your back pain, increase blood circulation to fetus and it is also good for kidney and liver.6.Regular exercise= By doing regular exercises and streching, you can balance your BP level and maintain your body healthy. It will help boost digestion, reduce swelling, reduce cramps, heart burn etc. It will also help sleep better and longer.7.

Deal with nausea= By eating light food several times in a day, will definately help you stay away from nausea. It will also help you deal with heart burn.8. Make a sleep schedule=  Making a sleep schedule will help you do lower sleep interuption, less lethargy and boredom. This helps to balance harmones and increase metabolism of your body.9. Drink safficient water=  By drinking sufficient liquid in the whole day will help you filter toxins from your body.

  In day time, drink lots of water but reduce intake after 6:00 pm. If you drink much water in night then it will cause you frequent urination and disturb your sleep.10.

buy Pillows=The pillow will become one of your greatest allies in your quest for a good night’s sleep. Massage therapist Hali Chambers says pillow support is key. “Place a pillow to support the belly,” says Chambers, “and a pillow between the knees.” Buy pillows as your comfort=~Small pillowA body pillow like the Boppy Cuddle Pillow holds the back appropriately adjusted by supporting the midsection and legs. Tuck the pad between your bowed knees to take weight off your lower back and make side-resting more comfortable.

Tuck one behind your back, and you’ll see it less demanding to keep up a side-lying position for the duration of the night. ~WedgeWedge-molded cushions bolster your tummy, as well. Slide one under your tummy as you lie on your side, and you’ll quickly adjust your back and counteract moving forward and stressing your neck and back. Boppy’s Pregnancy Wedge is perfect for keeping the tummy lifted; you additionally can utilize it to keep your head higher than your chest to ease and avoid pregnancy heartburn and shortness of breath.~BeanUse of bean is same as wedge or pillow’s.

This bean can help you sleep better and longer.