Preface the foundation which allows for, in my view

PrefaceIn this essay Iwill be discussing what the principal or in other words governing force of lifeis and whether that is linked to a soul.

It is prudent to mention at this pointthat my perspective was written prior to my researching in order to preservethe originality of my ideas. The best way to describe my perspective or for abetter phrase approach would be that of a metaphysical explanation of whypeople, animals and plants act with particular incentives and purpose almost. Iattempt to explain from my own philosophizing what I think in a coherent andarticulate way. The various thinkers I looked at after formulating my own ideaswere Plato, Gautama Buddha and Lao Tzu. My opinion onthe matter is that Lifeforce is the principal of life and the soul is a form ofLifeforce.   My ConceptIntroduction I will nowexplain key concepts that are vital to my essay and the principal of life andwhether or not it is the soul.  The firstkey idea is that there is an ethereal and intangible energy that coursesthrough every living thing, this energy is existed since the beginning of timeand shall continue indefinitely. The name for this is “Lifeforce”.

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This is the quintessential idea which I derive the rest of myphilosophy from. It is the foundation which allows for, in my view a profoundand sophisticated discussion of the soul. It is so important as it isthe essence life, it is really life itself. There is also a law which apply tolifeforce, a by extension they apply to every living thing this is Growth.

  When saying Growth, I do not simply mean theact of something growing physically, it for me is more encompassing than thathowever at times it can be growing physically. For me though when using theword Growth (for ease of differentiation the law shall be spelt with a capitalG) I refer to a process which when completed is more than it previously wasprior to completion the process for example this could be as simple as eating abanana, before you eat it you are less than you were after you have eaten itand that whole process is Growth, you in this example are becoming physicallymore than you previously were. But then theprocess can be as abstract as existence from nothing.  Existence is more than nothing before theprocess of actualization or creation nothing is, well nothing. Whereas afterthe process of Growth (creation in this example would be the medium for Growth)it is more than nothing. It is something. So, when speaking of the law ofGrowth which enacts upon lifeforce and come manifest itself in many differentmediums, this is what I mean.

  A mediumof Growth is something which allows Growth to occur, the more access todifferent mediums the more the lifeforce can grow (in all capacity of theword).   The next keyconcept is that of a vessel, which is in my opinion the corporal body whichstores lifeforce, in other words everything living thing has a vessel as itwould not be able to hold the lifeforce and as such not be alive without it.                 The name for avessel that has lifeforce in it is a creatura. There are three types of creatura which exist in a hierarchy theses being human,animal and plant creatura. Their respective places on the list is based on the creaturas access to mediums of Growth which is thelimiting factor for the creaturas potential to Grow. For example, a plant getting bigger in size is more in matter (it beingbigger) which a means of showing Growth.

Humans are atthe top because they have the most access to the mediums of Growth and as aresult have the greatest potential for overall the growth of lifeforce.  So, it is to say briefly that the governing law directlyaffect the Lifeforce when in a vessel (creatura) and the effects arelasting on the life force but that shall be explained in more detail later on. In relation tothe soul then the majority of the discussion of it shall come after theexplanation of the Growth and lifeforce and the different types of creatura.

As it is wholly necessary for those ideas to be discussed first ifmy explanation of the soul is to make sense, after discussing my view we canthen see what other thinkers have said in terms of their opinion on essaystitle this being of course what is the principal of life and is it the soul?  With that said let us begin with theexplanation of Lifeforce.  Lifeforce-Thevery essence of life itself. So as previouslymentioned Lifeforce is essentially the animator of the vessel without ithumans, plants and animals would not be able to flourish and function.

It is anenergy that is naturally occurring on Earth. For the Lifeforce to becometangible it requires, as previously mentioned a vessel to inhabit and occupy.This is done at the moment of birth for humans and animals, as for planets itis the beginning of the process of germination.

Despite all deriving from the same initial Lifeforceonce it becomes one of the three classifications of creatura (Human, animal or plant) the Lifeforce itself becomes the vessel. The Lifeforce is bound by the potential the mediums ofGrowth that the creatura that it inhabits has. All the creatura have different means in whichthey can influence and affect the Lifeforce.

Human creatura come at the top of the hierarchy of the three, followed by animal creatura and finally plant creatura based on their ability to Grow. The more a creatura can think the more potential it has to Grow byallowing the process of Growth to be more than it was, it allows for Growth to *becomepurpose this shall become clearer when explaining human creatura.Growth is in simple terms a response to be more thanit was previously, now due to the creaturabeing a combination of anearthly (tangible) vessel and its essence is that of the Lifeforce (Ethereal)it is partial to both the laws of its vessel but more ingenuously the laws thatgovern the Lifeforce as well, this is to say then that whatever law (Growth) tothe Lifeforce so to do they apply to the creatura as well. Let us now discuss what that meansfor all three of the creatura in general.

Creatura ofPlant and the principal (Law) of GrowthTo furtherexplain the meaning of “Being more than it once was” we must explain why it isthat things grow in the first place. Haven’t you ever wondered why do plantsgrow? We are typically given the biological response of “WELL the plant hasgibberellins and they respond to the light……” I always wondered furtherthough, what was the driving force behind plants making these chemicals in thefirst place?For me then itis the Lifeforce wanting to be more than it previously was. This idea is to bebased on the assumption that it was an intangible force (lifeforce) prior tobeing in the vessel of a plant.

This would for me imply that the Lifeforce grows by being more tangible or ineven simpler terms, having more of substance. In this case more of a plant (theLifeforce wanting to inhabit more of the plant so it influences the plant toproduce more of itself so the Lifeforce may also grow as the plant does too). Itwould quite literally be more than it previously was if it was physicallybigger than it was. It would be more than it was if it went from intangible, totangible.

Something is more than nothing.  That is what makes me think that it couldindeed be a metaphysical phenome or an explanation for the occurrence forplants growing beyond the usual (and boring) response that it is merelybiology, what I am inferring is that it is something much more than that.  The beauty of the law of growthmuch like the law of gravity is that it does not need to be understood be whatit is acting upon in order for it to act.

This could be a simple for defence ofpeople arguing that say a plant doesn’t have a desire to live, it’s vesseldoesn’t necessarily have a desire for anything but what does is the Lifeforce thatebbs and flows within the creatura that wants to grow, this would explain thequestion of why a plant would even want to grow.The creatura of a plantmust then want to grow beyond what it previously was, this manifest itselfin the plant creatura as the desire for nutrition the desire to live, and the desire to bemore.  Which for a plant creaturais the only medium for Growthto occur. This is why the plant is the lowest on the hierarchy.

It can only(physically) grow and as previously mentioned it has no other mediums of Growthdue to its lack of cognation.    Creatura ofAnimal and the principal (Law) of GrowthNext, we look at the animal creatura and how it is different from the plant creatura. We can observe that animal creatura are more able to cognate the principal ofGrowth.

This increased understanding of the Growth principal comes in themedium of reproduction. In as much as the animal creatura, different from the plant creaturahave a feeling of thisprocess. All be it they are not able to control those such feelings or urges asa human would be the fact still stands that they have more of an appreciationof Growth in the form of feelings than a plant does of its reproduction. My main point being then that animal creatura are different from plant creatura in their ability to feel.  A medium of Growth which due to the lack ofconciseness is not possible for plant creatura and sets animal creatura above them in the hierarchy of creatura. For me though after that distinction is made between the two creatura there is not an awful lot that separates theplant and animal creatura. The Lifeforce in both these vessels is heavilystunted in their potential of Growth due to their cognation being limited.

Thesimilarities between the two are for me, both reproduce, and both growphysically, the only difference is that animals have feelings associated withthese processes.  Because of this itwould be worth mentioning that I have used the word cognation when talkingabout animal creatura I do use this word loosely however. I mean to say that animals arehigher in the hierarchy simply because they possess a brain, even despite notusing it in the way a human would. The lifeforce then has more potential togrow if feeling is associated as then the agent (animal creatura) more incentives to grow physically and reproduceif they gain can gratify that feeling they have.

In other words, it makes theanimal creatura try to grow more in order to gratify these feelings. So again, this is areiteration of the reason why animal creatura is higher in this hierarchy, simply put because they can feel, andplants cannot.   With that, the discussion of both plants and animal creaturacomes to an end. Next, we lookat the relationship of lifeforce and humans.   Humans, theprincipal of lifeforce and the soul                As you may have noticed I have been mentioning frequently aboutcognation. The reason for this is in my view there is a very special linkbetween cognation and lifeforce’s mediums and potential for it’s Growth.

Italso explains why humans are at the top of the hierarchy and that reason isbecause full cognation or thinking is the ultimate medium for Growth that a creatura can have and due to the relationship betweenpotential for Growth and mediums of Growth (that being one of positivecorrelation) it gives the lifeforce a near infinite way to grow. This isbecause the mind of a human has near infinite potential to come up with newways to grow in the medium imagination as well as human’s ability to simulatescenarios. This require more explanation. The fact that the mind of a human creaturacan come up with almostinfinite ways to grow and imagine and play through what it would be like allowsthem to Grow to the capacity in which they can think.

Which as mentioned isnearly infinite. In terms of Life force then, it is the best possible case forlifeforce to be in a human creatura because in the human mind their limitless potential for Growth. Aspreviously discussed, growing beyond what it previously was is lifeforce’sgoal. Human creatura as a species are constantly capable of adaptingand growing in any situation. This is to say the best position to Grow forlifeforce is in a human creatura.

Now you could be thinking to yourself that humans are also limited to physicalgrow, however the fact is that the growing of the mind is limitless, that’swhat makes human creatura fundamentally different. They can grow beyondtheir physical limitations infinitely in mental growth. Humans can considerethereal concepts they are beyond by the constraints of their own worldlyforms, due to their minds they can transcend that physical barrier and can growwith infinite potential. In other words, the Lifeforce can also grow beyondphysical barriers infinite potential. The Lifeforce becomes what it once was inan ethereal form, but now with more than it previously was, it has direction,it has a mind.   The next question to ask then, what is the soul? What is thesoul?The soul is exclusive to human creaturaand is the point in which thephysical transcends to ethereal. For me this is when thought occurs for thefirst memorable time.

  It is thendependant to language, which for me in its simplest form is the ability to givemeaning to the world around you, an ability which plant and animal creatura lack. Language is important as you cannot coherently construct thought if youare unable to form language because you are simply unable to give meaning tothe world around you in a complex way.  Thesoul is then dependant on a creaturas ability to construct thought to be considered asoul, the catalyst for this construction is the mind (a brain in which thoughtscan occur and be formulated). What then is the soul? For me it is Lifeforce existing in the human mindand when it can grow based on thoughts. At the point of a memorable thought iswhen lifeforce for me turns into a soul, when the lifeforce has the ability togrow infinitely and also with that when an impression can be made onto it. This idea of impression is when lifeforce is being influenced by thingsof the same nature, in this case I am classifying thoughts as an eternalsubstance much like lifeforce is an intangible and ethereal substance itself.Thoughts change and make the lifeforce grow in a unique way based off the individualhuman creatura that the particular lifeforce inhabits. Thoughts of the individual makethe lifeforce unique to that person by directly changing the lifeforce with amedium of the same type of lifeforce.

This is to say that the soul for me isthen when Lifeforce is first influenced by a thought. That is when thelifeforce becomes a soul, when it is imprinted by a thought. This is then tosay a soul is a unique form of lifeforce based with infinite potential ofGrowth.  The Ethicsthat come with a soul- Why shouldn’t you cut your arm off?Now at this point there may be some questions of ethics floating throughyour head, such as “Why do I value life?” or “Why do I do anything at all? “.Which raises the issue then of ethics in relation to my theory of the soul. Iwould say firstly that the whole point of lifeforce and the process to Grow is,as I have mentioned is to grow beyond what it previously was. Now with that inmind I consider this to be the ethics that my theory would dictate; Thequestion that must be asked is do I benefit from this action/choice or not, do Igain something? If we do (gain something) then generallyspeaking the choice is rationalised in our heads to be moral or even a positivefeeling, if however, it provides no such benefit to the agent in question thenthe choice can be considered to be immoral or stupid depending on the severitythere are a whole load of negative adjectives to describe a negative feeling,but in essence that’s all it is.

There is a whole manner of different reasonswhy we do things which mostly revolve around feeling good. The dormant lifeforce within us seeks only to grow it will, much likeanimals give us a positive feeling which we can equate to being Growth or ifsomething is gained from doing a particular action.So, growth would be achieved if a positive feeling is achieved OR/ ASWELL that we gain something from the exchange. It is also very important toconsider that this is dependent on an agent to agent bases. If a psychopathkills for fun, in their head, his lifeforce will be growing because he isachieving a goal or to put it another way they are benefiting (getting joyfrom) killing.

Their lifeforce (to them) will feel like it is growing which isall it is concerned with that then would be enough form them to justify it.This goes without saying but their rationale may be different from person toperson. I am suggesting though that we can see lifeforce as an underpinningexplanation for not just psychotic people’s behaviour but our own as well.   Think about this briefly: If I told you to cut your arm off forliterally no reason, would you do it? Of course not. So that asks the questionthen why wouldn’t you do it?  You would not do something which provided absolutely no benefit to youwhat so ever. You have zero incentive to cut your arm off, it benefits you (theagent) in no way. So most likely you would get a bad feeling or thoughtstelling you not to which for me comes form the development of lifeforce into asoul.

Unlike animals we also consider actions not just with feelings but withrationale due to our souls. Animals on the other hand have no such qualms withkilling as their lifeforce’s only medium for providing incentives to grow is afeeling which cannot be resisted. For humans though we too act with incentives but consider what’s in itfor us more and we can give value to what will help us Grow more in the form ofbargaining or consideration of two outcomes. Either you keep your arm whichhelps you write EPQ’s, play tennis and many other things or you chop it off forno such gain. You would simply not get rid of your arm for no reason or anypotential benefit. What I am suggesting that the reason you need suchincentives is due to the lifeforce’s influence and making you want to be morethan you were or to benefit in a way. You see, as the lifeforce becomes more sophisticated with the turninginto a soul so too does Growth.

For humans, it mostly takes the form of reasonor purpose, to put it simply a why question. Why would you not want to cut your arm off then? Well I am sure your own mind can come up with a whole manner of reasonsto not do that. For me though I would put it down to your lifeforce being asoul, then interpreting through your mind and assessing the potential gain foryou / the Growth that you will get from doing said action or making a specificchoice. If, however you don’t think what I am saying to be true then try this:Can you come up with something which you would do for completely no gain to you?The Ethicsthat come with a soul-Why do you value life? The next question which builds upon some of the ground already discussedis “Why do you value life?”.

Firstly, it is important for me to reiterate thatrationale will be different from person to person but will always haveunderpinning foundations in the Growth law of lifeforce relative to how thatperson in question perceives the benefits or how they will Grow. So, whenconsidering this question, I would have to interpret it from my perspective.So for me it is important to consider the role that Growth and lifeforceplay in this. When asking the question why do I value life I must firstconsider what would be the purpose / benefit to me valuing life in the firstplace? If I had no incentive to do this, to value life in my opinion Iwouldn’t.

It would serve no purpose to me. However I do value it because for meI benefit from doing so, If I was to go around murdering people my lifeforcewould not grow because me personally do not feel as though that is a good thingto do. As previously discussed lifeforce can take the form of feelings andthoughts so mostly likely I would think and feel bad about doing it.

However Iam under no illusion that if I felt (in an extreme circumstance) that I need tokill someone in order to preserve my one life then I would for example. This isbecause I would not be able to grow if my life was to end so as a result I wantto prevent that from happening.  To ground this a bit more then let’s say this; I, as a completelyrational citizen gain certain benefits from abiding by the social and legalnorms of the land.

My soul would then be happy with this because it is free togrow in anyway it pleases (see the section on the soul), I am not prohibited ifI keep within certain parameters e.g. the law and social norms.

My soul or mindwould rationalize this why to be “If I stay within these laws I can grow”whether I am conscious of this or not doesn’t nesecerially matter as I exert aparticular reaction to this anyone i.e. having a feeling of guilt if I was tothink of going outside these laws or in this case murdering someone. What I aminferring is my soul gains more if it stays within these rules which is thereason why I don’t simply do as I please. However in such a situation where my life comes under threat and theonly way to prevent my soul forming leaving me andbecoming lifeforce once again it could be more beneficial for me to killin order that I may grow still.

My point being that when considering any ethical situation we mustalways be aware that our decisions, whether we like or not are dependent on thebenefits that we get from such situations. We are egotistically focused due toour souls (Lifeforce) need to grow. So then to answer the question why do Ivalue life? Because it allows me the best possible position to grow, which isas a result of my soul, WHICH will justify this growth and come up with areason to which I should value life. However just as easily if my soul observesthat its position to grow is in peril it shall conclude that the situation haschanged and act accordingly to save itself so it may have the best means togrow.

 A needless / purposely killing ofsomeone benefits me in no way so I would simply not do it.