Post be subject to thorough screening to eliminate network

Post Implementation evaluation for the newly implemented system to make sure that the specified requirements, objectives and benefits that was expected by the users were met.

In post Implementation evaluation, people who were not involved in the system development like the users are now involved and it is best carried in a timely manner after the initiating the operation of the new system. It is important that users should not forget the detail and effort of development, so most IT Professionals believe six months after operation is an advisable time frame (Rosenblatt, 2017).

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These should be done in Five days:


1.) Usability testing: A procedural direct communication with a few of the runners in the marathon to get a firsthand demonstration of on how they perform task on the application, the communication can be person or remotely conducted. A proper documentation would be made of the complains that accompany each task (Rosenblatt, 2017)


2.) A systems Vulnerability evaluation: The system would be subject to thorough screening to eliminate network vulnerabilities, security vulnerabilities and data input errors (Rosenblatt,2017)


3.) Training: An Adequate in-person or online training will be provided for users to ensure they can properly manage the system efficiently. Data loading and processing rate can be improved giving the runners and other users a shorter time to complete task online. (Rosenblatt, 2017).


In four Weeks:


1.) A perfective Maintenance: There is always room for performance improvements.

Perfective maintenance helps improve the performance and reliability of the system, for example improving the data entry to notify the users when they input and irrelevant data and highlight the errors. Perfective maintenance is usually initiated by the IT team. (Rosenblatt, 2017).


2.) Adaptive maintenance: These are basically upgrades and enhancements to the new operational system to increase it capability or ease of use. The management tracking system could be extended to support mobile platforms. (Rosenblatt, 2017)



In Six months


1.) Maintenance Release/ Version Update: This is when all the change considered non-critical to the system but required, are implemented. All complaints, error and changes made since the imitation of the Marathon tracking system will be documented, integrated into the system and release as an updated version. (Rosenblatt, 2017).


2.) Backup/Recovery: Throughout the system running period, there would be data gathering and storage either on cloud or hard drives. This will be vital for reports to the marathon runner upon request. (Rosenblatt, 2017)