“Possessions, hide within those material things, and in the

“Possessions, outward success, publicity, luxury – to me these have always been contemptible.

I believe that a simple and unassuming manner of life is best for everyone, best for both the body and the mind.”— Albert Einstein.For many, simplicity consists of not wearing brand clothes, or not having a car of the year.

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Many times we only see the exterior of the person, but we do not realize that inside we are prisoners of ourselves. In fact you can be the richest person in the world, and still be the simplest person in the world. It seems ironic, but it is real.Being a really simple person, is not bragging about your talents, qualities, your belongings. Simplicity teaches us to know who we are and what we can. Society today tells us that the more luxuries you have, the more you are worth and the more important you are, that is why we often hide within those material things, and in the end, inside of us we are left with a big void.This doesn’t mean that we have to leave all our material things and all our qualities aside, but make them good use. Why to be competing in who has more? Or who is better? If you are sure of what you know and what you have, it is not necessary to be showing it to people The value of simplicity allows us to be aware that others deserve our respect and good treatment, regardless of our social status or social prestige.

Simplicity is the grace we have with others to establish interpersonal relationships, without discriminating against any person.A simple person consists of not being the center of attention in a conversation, it is not necessary to criticize or say unnecessary comments so that your voice is noticed  Another quality that you will find in a simple person is that he avoids talking at all times about his achievements, successes and acknowledgments reached. Also you can always count with their support. With its qualities and intelligence, help the people around. A simple person is someone who needs few things to be happy, to live with dignity, do not believe, or let himself create, false needs, Live life with theNovember 23 2017Essay just.

A simple person is someone who enjoys simple things; he looks at the details and savors every moment of life without haste. A simple person is someone who recognizes their mistakes.Being simple does not mean that in your life things go smoothly and there are no problems, but that there are conflicts, you do not waste time trying to convince or the other shows the necessary maturity when you can’t. Leave the other and yourself in peace, be present for when they need you and live without having to prove to yourself nothing, being as aware as possible.A clear example for me is Mark Zuckerberg who is one of the most millionaire people in the world, and despite that he has a normal life, a normal girlfriend, and a normal house. His Outfit does not vary too much: jeans, tennis and basic T-shirt. In addition, he wants to be a better person every day. He has learned several languages and loves to read.

His knowledge transmits it to his workers. He is honest, a worker and an entrepreneur.A virtue of the hand with simplicity, is the humility that is to recognize our weaknesses, qualities and abilities and take advantage of them to act for the good of others, without saying so.It is easy to put these two virtues into practice. To start you have to eliminate pride, cultivate the positive spirit towards others. Also be in harmony and always smile. Recognize reality and strive to be better.

And finally do not feel superior to anyone. If you do not practice this value you are losing the opportunity to be a good friend, to be a person who seeks good for others and to be a fully happy person.Simplicity gives much comfort, because it infuses peace and calm. Being in tune with oneself is what will most relieve us. It seems incredible that a value apparently so”loose” has so much strength. But nature is full of examples in which one is perplexed to see how seemingly fragile elements work: the ants, the spider web ..

. Activating simplicity, in this sense, can release the force of the waves in us. sea. There is no hurry, it’s just about getting on the road with a first gesture.Fernanda De igrsInstituto Cumbres SaltilloNovember 23 2017 EssayIn conclusion, the value of simplicity is one of the most important values we must practice, although many do not think so, I believe that is the basis of all the virtues, since this implies knowing yourself, be the best version of yourself, and this will make you a better person with all the people around you. If you accept yourself, other people will accept you.Also this value will make your life is full of post-things, you will not have the preoccupation to pretend something that you are not.

You will have the opportunity to be unique, to live a full and happy life. Simplicity gives much comfort, because it infuses peace and calm. Being in tune with oneself is what will most relieve us. It seems incredible that a value apparently so “loose” has so much strength.

Remember to live a real life, do not seem to be anything that you are not, share those knowledge to the people who need it most, help the neighbor, do not be indifferent, use your skills for good things. Be the best version of yourself, improve on the mistakes you make.We are sure that, around you, you have more than one person with a simple and exceptional soul that enriches your life.

Do not lose it, they are lights, which serve as an example and inspiration. Just as these people make you feel special, or someone important in this life, you can also change a person’s life thanks to your simplicity. I bet you that many people will look for you, since they will feel comfortable with you.And always keep this in mind; not always the poorest people are the simplest, nor the richest the least simple.