“PLAY get it you just have to give me

“PLAY IT SAFE” Travis Murray Bill has gotten into trouble, owing money to the wrong people, to get them the money he owes he must steal money from a safe during a party held by a rich man. Will his crazy plan work out or will he have to suffer the consequences for his actions?   1 INT DARK ROOM UNIDENTIFIED LOCATION NIGHT 1FADE INJIMMY slaps BIll in the head.JIMMY (talking calmly) Where’s the money kid..

. we told you, you had to pay it back.JIMMY slaps BILL in the head again.

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JIMMY (getting louder in tone of voice) Come on kid… where is the money… i don’t want to have to hurt you.BILLBILLY tired barely gets enough energy to speakBILL (very tired sounding) I.

. I.. Don’t have it.

But i can get it you just have to give me time.JIMMY slaps BILL in the head one more time.JIMMY (Screaming now) we gave you enough time kid! Get ready to say goodbye!BILL (Scared tone) I can get it Jimmy, I just have to do one thing and i can have the money.JIMMY What do you gotta do Bill? Because it better be quick.BILL I know a guy who has a safe in his house. It will have more then I owe you can have it all.(CONTINUED)CONTINUED: 2.JIMMY You got my interest kid.

Tell me more.BILL The guy lives at the top of the mountain, you know that big house…JIMMY (Interrupting BILL) Yeah i know that place.BILL …

He’s got a safe in his office, hides all his money in there, doesn’t trust the banks.JIMMY Okay so how do you suppose we get the money? it can’t be easy.BILL You’re right it won’t be, but I can do it.

I have a plan.JIMMY Details kid i need them.BILL I know that he’s having a big party tonight. I know a guy with an invite. I can go in with him, But I’ll need help on the outside to get the money out of the house.JIMMY What do you mean help?BILL I’m not gonna be able to walk millions of dollars out the front door Jimmy, that’s the hard part.JIMMY slams his hands on the tableJIMMY (Screaming) Of course not Bill why the hell would you think I meant that?(CONTINUED)CONTINUED: 3.

BILL Sorry Jim i didn’t mean it like that. I need someone on the outside causing a distraction.JIMMY How do you propose that we do that?BILL He likes watching people get into it. All we need to do is start fight. That’s where you come in. A big guy like you Jimmy, kicking someones ass, is sure to grab his attention.JIMMY strokes his hand through his beardJIMMY Alright kid, I’ll help but if this doesn’t work, you only have yourself to blame.FADE OUT.