Place Wesfarmers. Wesfarmers is a leading Australian listed Company

PlaceNaturalBula Noni is a lotion that revitalizes and nourishes the skin. The lotion is sorevitalizing that it can be used in any season and the targeted consumers arethe general public of Australia. Supermarkets and other retail outlets shops areperfect for the sale and distribution of the product.NaturalBula Noni is expected to be exported and sold in Australia. Natural Bula Noni willbe sold to a well-known supermarket named ‘Coles’. Coles is a prominent supermarketthat has years of experiences in sale of products and is customers based. Oneof the major reasons for choosing Coles supermarket is because it is a popularsupermarket in Australia, Coles has many major subordinates stores ranging fromColes Supermarket, BiLo branded shops, petrol Coles express services stations andSpirit Hotels.

The networking and customer based of Coles will assist in marketingNatural Bula noni to various stores and hotels. Coles subordinates stores andHotels are located all over the major states of Australia, such as NorthernTerritory, Tasmania, Western Australia, Victoria, South Australia Queenslandand New South Wales.ColesCorporation is an Australian consumer service chain supermarket. Coles is headquarteredin Melbourne, Australia which is a five hours flight from Nadi Airport (Easydelivery of Goods). Coles is owned by a parent company called Wesfarmers. Wesfarmersis a leading Australian listed Company which leads to satisfying the needs ofcustomers through the delivery of goods and services on a competitive andprofessional basis. (Wesfarmer, n.d) Coles a fully services nationalsupermarket that has more than 780 supermarket, this is including the BiLobranded stores (Coles, n.

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d). Cole’s goals are to fulfil its customers aseffectively and efficiently as it can, this is through purchasing of productsvia online. Coles has also developed an app which can be downloaded fromSmartphones allowing customers to purchase product of its choice from thecomforts of ones’ home or anywhere making shopping very convenient. As one ofthe largest supermarkets in Australia with its other subordinates stores NaturalBula Noni will be exposed throughout Australia with its advertisement in variousstores, websites and App allowing customers from Australia and the world topurchase products.Colesexpress is a Petrol station that obtains its quality fuel from a well-knownFuel supplier called Shell (Coles, n.

d). Coles express stations is located allover Australia operating in a joint venture with its fuel supplier Shell, thiswill attract customers for quality fuels, as many will visit Coles express forfuel refills or other services, waiting time will lead customers to visit thestore and this will expose products such as Bula Noni. The objective is toprovide customers who are travelling to the beach or other destinations. Colesoperates 89 Hotels under the name Spirit Hotels Brand, these are located in NewSouth Wales, South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland( Wesfarmer,n.d)suchHotel are perfect place to plan such events, Holidaying, Weddings, meetings,family meals or a simple night out.

Spirt Hotels accommodates guest coming for differentoccasion as mentioned above, this will expose Bula Noni to all the guest and creatingconsciousness to the guest and word of mouth will spread the product to thelocals and to Fijians living in Australia.