Pilasters base to achieve the right size. Our fibrous

Pilasters pronouncedpi-LAST-er is from the Italian pilastro and French pilastre—both words derivedfrom Latin word pila, meaning “pillar”.

These architectural details areused in interior and building exterior designs (usually facades and porticos),and are a decorative protrusion or rectangular support that are similar indesign to a flat column. We offer a richvariety of columns and pilaster designs suitable for both interior and exteriorapplications including Doric, Ionic, Tuscan and Corinthian styles. Each columnand pilaster is made from jesmonite for exterior solutions- a material known toreplicate the appearance of texture or any surface finish and myriad colors. Weoffer bespoke columns and pilaster solutions, and can supply pilaster sets, completecolumns, individual capitals, shafts and plinths. In most cases,these components can be interchanged to create the desired design or size includingthe shafts, which can be trimmed at the base to achieve the right size. Ourfibrous plaster columns are designed with practical use in mind, and are agreat fit for a plethora of interior and exterior schemes.

Full columns aretypically used for interiors and new build applications, whereas half columns canbe used to veil unsightly structural support on exterior applications. Before investingin plain or fluted columns, it is important that you consider the applicationsfirst. Plain columns are a popular choice, but fluted column designs arepossibly the best option if you’re looking to cloak steel uprights. Our columnsand pilasters are ready for immediate use, clean with only the formulated adhesivesand are easy to install.