Piggy a frightening escape with a need of desperation.The

Piggy urges Ralph to use the conch and call an assembly.Piggy tells Jack that he is more powerful than him and that the only right thing to do is to hand him back his glasses without any violence involved.Ralph calls Jack a thief, which angered him.Samneric are forced to join Jack’s tribe.Piggy dies by Roger leaning on a lever, making a huge boulder roll down a cliff. Then, it strucked him and fell off a forty foot cliff, leading him to his death. Roger was the cause of Piggy’s death.

Ralph is injured by a spear which hit his ribs and tore his skin.”Well, we won’t be painted, because we aren’t savages.” – Ralph”You’re a beast and a swine and a bloody, bloody thief!” – Ralph”See? See? That’s what you’ll get! I mean that! There isn’t a Tribe for you anymore! The conch is gone-” – Jack”Which is better, law and rescue, or hunting and breaking things up?” – RalphLOTF Chapter 12 QuestionsSince Samneric was forced into Jack’s tribe, they found out that he was planning to kill Ralph. Therefore, they looked for him and told him Jack’s plans.He tells Samneric where he is going to hide and tells them to have Jack and his tribe to look for him in another direction to keep him safe.

He does not understand why he must be killedSamneric were never a part of Jack’s tribe and they stayed loyal to Ralph, as well as Piggy. Ralph’s flight across the island was an escape from the hunters. The author describes this as a frightening escape with a need of desperation.The irony of the fire was that it was intended to kill Ralph, but it helped them by being rescued by naval officers. He is unable to remember his name and address because the savagery took over him while being on the island.He says he’s in charge of the island because he was elected as the leader.

Piggy’s fall is emphasized because it represented that human innocence was abolished on the island for the boys. After what happened, savagery was what caused them to act differently.The island is being compared to the “nature of the man”. When you lose your innocence, savagery takes over and you become cruel.