Physical known as data center physical security. Physical security

Physical security is the security of the transport layer on which the application layer resides and guarantees that it is unaffected of risk or it have the capability of risk tolerance. The information integrity, confidentiality, integrity and availability can be impaired with physical network access and damage to physical components.Our proposed project is on public campus which mean that on the server there could be many data’s which need a strong protection because the data in the server will be confidential research, students’ document such as students grade, students ID number, instructor’s data and exams and above all tests. On an entire night a hacker could access almost anything what he/she wants by using a console access. Think of that while Windows and Linux server are very secure remotely, console access makes it easier for a hacker to bypass or reset system passwords. Usually these Windows and Linux servers are used to connect to other machines or devices within the campus and they require no authentication.

As well a physical access could permit a hacker to add accounts to the server. This accounts in return used to access the server remotely and launch a DoS attack. Mostly these attacks are not seen immediately when the attack is done rather they will found after a week, or when the system takes place in DoS or DDoS attack. On the country in general campuses have the fastest internet connection that make them attractive target for DoS hosts. This is assuming that as a super user console machine can’t actively already have logged on.

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If the console machine is actively logged as super user the hackers can get access easily. Hardware devices, software devices and data that may be stored on the file server, PCs, or removable media like tapes and disks needs physical security and they also known as data center physical security. Physical security prevents unauthorized personnel from accessing LAN devices and transmission of data on more secure IS environment.Physical security shouldn’t be compromised because if it is conceded all the other security is unavailable and someone can easily physically access your computer manage to get into your server and can cause serious harm. Few examples of threats are: stealing of hard drive from your computer, theft of computer backup tapes or shutting down your server.

This and such like damages can be accomplished in some instant of seconds without using any technical skills.It is important to know about physical threats because it helps to understand physical security. Physical threats can be categorized in to three types: External physical threats (flooding, lighting, earthquake, wind, fire), Internal physical threats (fire, environmental failure, liquid leakage, electrical interruption) and Human physical threats (theft, destruction, sabotage, errors).

physical security should be implemented before this type of threats being reality.Our deign aims to provide a solution for this threats by applying: – alarm to give information if there is fire, capability of taking backup in each 6-month, power protection, security guard to secure work places, authentication technologies, physical access to network component. Password protected pcs or workstations and, wiring of network should require protection because if it physically penetrated the data it carries will exposed to damage.