Phycological A few tremblings shook him, but were carried

Phycological human conflicts are often reflected in communities and the nature of the community can affect each individual’s life and mental thoughts. Many people’s moods change their living environment slowly changes too. For example, in Lord of the Flies they change because they are stuck on an island alone, with no rules.

Since there are no rules, they act like savages. Now the characters start to reflect what is happening in the world, like World War 2, into their hostile actions. Golding and Bradbury use setting and character change to express their characters mental and physical states. A British schoolboy named Simon made a mark throughout the novel Lord of the Flies.

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Simon’s death was surprising and around his murder the setting started to change. Golding says,” The water bounded from the mountaintop, tore leaves and branches from trees…” (153). The setting changes the mood of the story. Which then changes the view we see it as. Setting is  a key factor of moving stories plots into different directions.  In Lord of the Flies the boys are stranded on a deserted island while isolated from civilization during the World on their homeland. On the other hand, the story Dark They Were and Golden Eyed, the Bitterings travel to a barren planet to escape an atomic war on Earth. “They  built a small white cottage and ate good breakfast there but, the fear was never gone.

It lay with Mr. Bittering and Mrs. Bittering…” As fear started to build inside the Bitterings, they had to change their settings look a little for more comfort. Changing the way things look may help them get more comfort, but they will stay afraid because of the fear their holding. Golding and Bradbury use different methods to pull in character change. Both levels move through mental and physical. Dark They Were and Golden Eyed had a lot of physical change. In Dark They Were and Golden Eyed it states,”.

..their eyes were never yellow before. A few tremblings shook him, but were carried off in waves of pleasant heat as he lay in the sun.

” This shows that they are physically changing because they are in a new land where things are different. The change that they are going through is they are turning in Martians. Even tho Dark They Were and Golden Eyes had physical change not all stories have that. Comparatively, Golding puts mental changes in Lord of the Flies. A big transformation in the story Lord of the Flies was with the character Ralph. He started off being nice to Piggy. But then he became two-faced and changed the way he thought about him.

As the story evolved their friendship started to grow. But near the end of the novel Ralph lost Piggy. His death led Ralph to get emotional in the final chapter.

Ralphs mental changes were shown throughout Lord of the Flies. Writers use character change and transformation to make stories progress into something the real world faces each day. Everyone faces mental and physical changes in life. Using an uneasy setting and powerful character transformation effect stories by taking them to other levels than what they started at. These type of novels are affected by this because it keeps readers wanting to read their books. As settings change the way we think about these novels change.

Deeper setting for readers means deeper meanings. Golding and Bradbury are warning us that changes in life can be good or bad. But don’t go wild like the British school boys in Lord of the Flies.

In the world setting tells you about who people are, if you move your lives setting, you change what happens with you. Just like in books how when characters start to change their life, people can change inside themselves too. .