Peter with his trademark balaclava and knife,His first victim

Peter Dupas is a Hedonistic sociopath who attacks and rapes women to fulfill his fantasies of conquest and control.

He attacks them when they aren’t expecting it. He’s a sociopath so he knows it’s wrong but he likes doing what he’s doing so he continues. “It’s too late, I can’t stop now, they’ll lock me up.” After saying that he continues to stab this lady and then stops and starts crying. It shows he knew what he was doing and he knew it was wrong but continued. He threatens his victims with a knife then rapes and stabs them multiple times. He is a disorganized killer because he never planned out his attacks so it was random picking. He killed Mersina Halvagis at a cemetery, and he put her in an empty plot 3 down from her grandmas grave.

He went into a woman’s home but she said her husband was coming home soon so he left . He raped another woman and he left her in an alley and a glove he was using. His Modus Operandi would be he stabs them multiple times. He threatens them with a knife then rapes and stab them. “Each time he was equipped with his trademark balaclava and knife,His first victim was raped in a public toilet block in Frankston.

” He stabs them and he cut off their breasts and put them in the victims mouth. Everytime he does to attack the victim he threatens them first with a knife. January 1994 he went to Lake Eppalock for a holiday thing and slashed this woman’s hand but was ran off and after by her friends and fiance. They chased him and he spun off the road and he was apprehended. He stabbed and raped Margaret Maher and they found a black woollen glove they tested and had his DNA on it so they tied it to her murder and he was convicted. I feel our society failed when it came to his psychosis because he clearly had something wrong that he felt like he needed to because it fulfilled his fantasies and if they didn’t then he would do it to someone else.

“He remains extremely disturbed, immature and dangerous man. His release on parole was a mistake.”. If he would’ve went to a psych ward or somewhere to see why he feels the need to do that to get his fantasies the way he wants maybe they could have gave him medications for it. He was bullied for being chubby and being a slow learner.

“The transition of Peter Norris Dupas from peeping tom to rapist to murderer was so predictable it was almost inevitable.” He went to his neighbors house in his school uniform and asked for a peeler and then attacked her. After he attacked her he started crying.