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Perspectives from AnthonyAnthony Burgess had interesting experiences that other individuals can relate to. Anthony Burgess was a writer born in the UK who has written fiction books, play scripts, and critical essays.

Working in the afternoons rather than the morning is something Anthony did because of how quiet it got. Secondly, the death of Anthony’s mother had an influence on some of his writing because he did not have that mother figure growing up. Lastly, Anthony taught at an Army Education Corp based in Gibraltar during the war. Anthony working in Gibraltar affected him in a way where he would write about discomfort. Anthony Burgess’ way of working, living and thinking reflected on the events and different experiences he has been through. Everyone has a different schedule that best accommodates anything from work to their personal hobbies.

Working at times when distractions are at a minimum is very important. Typically individuals work in the mornings and the afternoon is used to rest after a long day. Paraphrase Completing tasks during the afternoon is effective due to the fact that people are usually inactive and resting after a long morning of work, creating a silent time for work in the afternoon (Burgess 118). Here we see one of Anthony Burgess’ perspectives on being a writer, working on your own times, in this case, Anthony typically worked during the afternoons.

Therefore taking time to yourself and finding when you work best is important to excel at work and hobbies.Certain events in life can leave a heavy influence on an individual’s work. Whether it is a positive or negative past event, Anthony used it in his literature when it was negative. Direct Quotation “What Burgess ended up doing when he found himself deprived of maternal affection was to invent a dream-mother from characters that he found in literature” (Biswell 8). Anthony not having a mother had an influence on some of the literature he wrote, as he created characters to portray what was missing in his life, his mother. Events such as the death of a loved one can affect how you work. Working in the middle of a war is not something most people want to do. As working in such circumstances, Anthony never forgot about the army.

Summary Burgess’ war years must have been a discomfort, representing the army as a fundamentally absurd institution (Biswell 80). Anthony’s discomfort in the army could have affected his work and reflected upon his writing. Experiences you obtain from work whether it be negative or positive can influence your future performance.  Ultimately Anthony Burgess’ style of work, thinking and living relate to events and experiences he has been through. The afternoon was the time of day preferred by Anthony to work on his writings due to the silence. Anthony created his own mother as a coping mechanism because he never had one growing up. Anthony lived in discomfort while working in the army as a teacher.

 Would you create a made-up character in your life, work during the afternoons and teach at a military base in Gibraltar?