Personnel Management Essay

The s hop name was inspired by two people named Brandy and Melville who fell in love in Rome. Brandy Melville fashion is inspired by the California lifestyle and trends blend De with lassie Italian and vintage elements. (Brandy Melville, 2014) His son, Stephan Marsha, opened its first store in Westwood, USA in 2009 (Subfield, 2009).

Today, there are outlets located in major world capitals and cities including NYC, Rome, Paris, Milan, Berlin, Barcelona etc.It has the company size of 51 to 200. (Brandy Melville, 2 014) Adding to the list of international fashion brands in Singapore market, the e company plans to open its very first store in the heart of shopping district in Singapore.

2. 0 Job Design Before the forthcoming emergence of the first store of Brandy Melville in Is negatron, signing a job design before implementing the recruitment and selection pr coaches IS extremely important.Apparently, the original job designs were not complete y fitting hence Singapore subdivision of Brandy Melville will redesign the job design t o Improve the work outputs’ quality and to boost productivity.

To redesign the job is to c insider the following alternatives: design for efficiency, design to motivate staff, design of r work safe practices and mental demands of the job (Foot & Hook, 201 1, p. 50). First lay, The main aim of job design for efficiency is simplifying the work to maximize office once. Foot & Hook, 2011, p.

1 ) Job design for motivation is expressed through five char statistics namely Skill variety referring to the variety of skills needed to carry out the task KS, Task identity referring to the degree of a job required complete tasks, Task signifies once referring to the importance of the job’s impact on others, Autonomy referring to the extent of a workers permission to make decisions about the tasks and lastly, Feedback which refers to the extent of a person receiving information about their perform romance’s effectiveness (Foot & Hook, 201 1, p. 52).Job design for safe work practices foci uses on ergonomics which is making the working environment safe and convenient to enhance maximum efficiency among workers (Foot & Hook, 2011 , p. 56). Lastly, the job design for mental demands Of the job aims on simplifying information and reducing the mental activities the job requires to match the worker’s capabilities. (Foot & Hook, 20 11, p.

57) 2. 1 Job Design for Two Positions Brandy Melville Singapore has decided on two job positions of which will be posted for hiring namely Store Manager and Retail Associates.In this company, we s pacifically call these positions Brandy Store Manager and Brandy Girls/Guys. You may refer to Appendix 1 and Appendix 2 for more details and inform action about the job description for the said positions.

2. 2 Human Resource Planning HRS Planning is critical to any companies as its primary aim is to ensure that TA company meets its objectives and to obtain competitive edge and advantages over its competitors (Foot & Hook, 2011 , p. 61).Planning is essential as it helps to diet ermine the number and the type of employees needed to meet organizational goals. Once this is determined, HRS planning will help organism and utilize the manpower effect vilely to Its respective working environment which will produce maximum output. It will also help in selecting the best employees with potential skills and proper attitude and as well as classifying the skills required for each levels of jobs. Hence, HRS Planning is a v essential business process when Brandy Melville extends their branches in Is negatron.

3. Recruitment Strategy To implement this strategy, the Singapore subsidiary of Brandy Melville en des to determine the three key aspects of recruitment strategy namely Personnel pop lilies, Recruitment sources and the Recruiter’s characteristics and behavior. 3. 1 Personnel Policies Upon the arrival of Brandy Melville in Singapore, its main aim is to get local aliens to team up with the company.

First, the company to has implement the strategy of Lead the Market pay strategies which is attractive to potential applicants through f arms of monetary rewards such as an attractive above market retreated pay (Foot & Hook, 201 1, p. 6) This would make it easier for the company to captivate local talent TTS. The way Brandy Melville will portray themselves will play a huge part of re crusting employees with matched capabilities (Foot & Hook, 2011, p. 90). Hence, image advertising is crucial to recruitment process as it represents the image and the e build up of Brandy Melville reputation in Singapore. Therefore, it is a step of paramour unto importance for Brandy Melville to invest in advertisements as this is the most conventional way of introducing the famous California feel of Brandy Melville fashion in Singapore.An advertisement targeting the correct target audience, which is the e fresh youth, is also another important step for more precise and efficient results, the us utilizing the use of popular social mediums for advertisements is recommended such as Backbone, Twitter, Mainstream, Youth and etc.

3. 2 Sources for Recruitment This recruitment strategy looks into two types of sources. The internal sour SE are not applicable to this company as of yet.

The external sources, however, would d bring positive results such the approach of magazine and newspaper advertisement TTS.To make these advertisements effective, the designer must provide adequate am mount of information about Brandy Melville with appropriate and attractive pictures of models promoting the store’s items to attract a large number of fashion lovers to apply Y, The designer must also specify the target audience Of the brand to decide where t he advertisements would be placed. Singapore is a technologically advanced country. Most teenagers and young adults are up to date with all kinds of social media platforms and it is extremely vital to utilize these facts.

Recruiting is one way to attract applicants for Brandy Melville. HTH company has become a worldwide phenomenon and posting the job hiring online before it opens in Singapore would greatly ease the recruitment process (Foot & Hook, 201 1, p. 94). It is also extremely important for the recruiters to have professional behave ivory and characteristics as they are in the front line representing the image of the com panky. Brandy Melville is a famous company which would attract a lot of local talents Singapore.However, the candidate’s final decision of joining the company woo old be influenced by the recruiter. To successfully leave a good impact on the candid tastes, recruiters must be welcome ins and wildflower about the company details to answer queries. 4.

0 Selection Strategy There are a number of selection strategies to carefully hire a candidate. For the store manager position, the candidate must have years Of experience in the f suasion industry as this is a job which calls for a person to be innovative, artistic and businesswomen at the same time.The candidate must also possess manage Arial ululates in terms of precise allocation of human resources. For the retail sass cite position, the candidates must be someone who has a passion for fashion, ever y trendy, jovial and have a sense of responsibility. The Multistage selection strategy is the best selection way to hire the store manager for Brandy Melville as this implements a number of stages using a s Of assessment tools such as personality tests, skills test, interviews and samples of work performances that would prove to be useful and related to the job require nuts (Tootles, 2009).First, the HRS department would administer Integrity Tests to all Candida SE which are background checks that will assess their past experiences related to ethic s and honesty or direct questions about personal interests and preferences (“Employ Yemen tests”, 2014). Those who passed would be administered Cognitive Ability Test I n next stage which would assess their aptitude or potential to solve possible problem ms in work by testing their mental abilities (“Employment tests”, 2014).Again, those who pass this test would move on to taking Personality Test which would assess their potent till to be successful in their job performance by testing their stress tolerance, emotional I stability, optimism, initiative and conscientiousness (“Employment tests”, 2014).

After a II these stages, an interview as the final hiring process would be conducted when there fewer candidates left C Employment tests”, 2014). A situational interview is the best approach for this position to know how would the candidates deal with certain jubilated scenarios (Foot & Hook, 201 1, p. 21 These meticulous processes would prove to be useful in the long run as this would allow the HRS to nominate a ca initiated possessing the necessary qualities.

For the retail associate position, the best way to hire a candidate is the Sin glee stage election strategy as this is less dimensioning and more efficient as this doe s not require heavy assessments like the ones used for selecting a managerial posit Ion. Single Stage strategy means only conducting one phase Of selection process, hence candidates would be administered a combination of Cognitive Test and Peers anally Test.Those with the highest scores would be hired (Tootles, 2009). Apart from all those tests used in strategies above, Medical Tests is another important test to administer as Brandy Melville is in the fashion industry that demands commitment and physical work so the HRS Departments needs to make sure s elected candidates are able to meet the physical needs to perform the job (Foot & Ho k, 2011, p. 120). 5. 0 Implementation & Detailed plan The company must implement job trainings that would provide the ace Pete candidates to acquire knowledge and skills to enhance productivity.

This paper coach will assist in properly training the employees to deal with customers or any future challenges within the company. This will also help them to be able to adapt to the working environment fast. Recruitment processes must also be ensured in fool lowing its key aspects of personnel policies, behavior of recruiters which must be war informative and charismatic towards the applicants and the sources of recruit meet.

Lastly, the selection process must be following the process of selection strata gees using assessment tools such as Integrity tests, Cognitive tests, Personality tests and interviews. The target market of Brandy Melville are youngsters, teenagers, you Eng adults and/ or fashion .NET assists. Hence, the recruitment advertisements will be designed to attract the said target audiences.

You may refer to Appendix 3 for the order of plans upon executing the t asks on setting up the subsidiary of Brandy Melville store in Singapore. 0 Conclusion Brandy Melville will ensure 100% success rate of employing potential woo reeks. The recruitment strategy will be focusing on external sources to harness poet initially skilled employees. With that said, the recruiters must be pleasant, cordial and wildflower about the company and job scope to successfully hire the most suitable candidates.