Personality And Interests Essay

Personality and interests think that I have a cheerful disposition and I like talking With other. Maybe have this disposition, so that I can easy to get are friends.

Also, do sport is my favorite hobby. Believe that having a balance between academic work and extra curricular is vital to a student. Thus, join in school team, such as ,swimming team ,badminton team in my leisure time . Moreover, think that do sport is the best way to deal with stress .

That way can take a rest after a hard day study.The experience and my feeling member when I’m a junior from. I joined a volunteer to visit street sleepers. Through this experience cleared about volunteer go to talk with them are just the tip of the iceberg . There are various parts in a volunteer like researching , get well preparation ,clear their conviction. That day is a holiday, my sister bring me to go to do volunteer first glimpse went to SST.

Assessment’s . The colleague talked to us and other volunteers some tips about meet with street sleepers their background .They ordinarily are new immigrants and elder . Then ,beyond bring various supplies ,such as clothes ,quilts ,foods . Moreover arrived to Sham Shush pop . When we walk at the park see that several people lie on the chair ,they are so dirty.

At that moment really couldn’t calm myself down ,owing it is look at such a pitiful. Then we walked to in front of the one street sleepers. We gave some supplies to him tank then he quickly to hold it with both arms After that ,we are began to talk with him .Quite a few people are certainly the street sleepers to have given up on themselves . Reluctant to face life positively ,they are seen as a burden to society because of the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance -However ,this is far from the truth Actually ,the street sleepers told me he is a new immigrant . He don’t have the HIKE card so many job he can’t do it .

Moreover ,he don’t know what mechanisms can help him. Through this activity think I’m so lucky . At is because I have a steady life.