People for compelling vision. Teams make sure that each

People can list creative ideas
throughout the day, but they are unlikely to ever be implemented if they do not
align with the goals of the organization. This constitutes an example of a lack
sharing vision, or the higher goals of the organisation. “Vision represents a
higher order goal and needs to be clearly defined so that members of a team
know how to focus and direct their work” (Kerry Thomas & Janet Chan, 2013).

Teams are more innovative when members have a common perception of team
objectives and also dedicated to them. Team members can be motivated by clear
and valued objectives. Therefore, vision is present in environments where team
members fell that team objectives are clear, shared and attainable (Anderson
and West, 1998). 

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Every organisation wants their
team to do well their tasks as much as possible, but task orientation goes
beyond that. A team exhibits task orientation when members share a concern to
maintain excellent quality team performance for compelling vision. Teams make sure that each member is
performing at a superior level. Also, they monitor their
performance and provide constructive feedback in each other’s work regarding
how it can be improved. Thus, if each team member is
receptive to feedback and suggest each other ways for improvement, the team
will be more innovative.