Peer-to-peer network models that we use in our daily

Peer-to-peernetwork is a work group model where computer is configured to share with everyone or selected users toallow certain files and folders. Usually, this model usedin small offices or home. Inpeer-to-peer network communication model is decentralized where samecapabilities for each party. In other side client-server network iscentralized. It is called as a server and also contain data and forms ofresources.

Workstations (like desktop computer and laptop) are connected to theserver to request sharing, using data with other resources.Peer-to-peernetworks are designed to share resources as easy as possible. It is easy tocreate because by simply connecting few computers together that allows to sharefiles from one machine to another.

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This network can support up to tencomputers. It is determined ofclient that runs Windows NT Workstation or Windows 98. It is supported indifferent types of operating system, such as: Windows 3.11, Windows 95, andWindows 2000 Professional. There are no major servers in this network. Two ormore computers involving pooling of personal resources included such as a diskdrive and a printer, where every computer has network resources. Othercomputers communicate directly to another computer. It has very little securitybecause anyone can have full access to it.

These networks need to set up a wayto connect them like an Ethernet cable or a Wi-Fi router.Onclient-server network controlled by central computer and all the resources arelocated on it. Client-server networks have almost infinite disparities, whichare common issues for the weather couples for all of them.

The first thing isthat all servers have access control resources which are central to thesecurity database. The server usually runs one of the network, Windows NT orWindows Server products. It keeps a list of user name and password. Users cannot login into the server without password. Users can access only thoseresources which is allowed by administrator. It is more expensive than peer-to-peernetwork. Hardware and software is more expensive than regular computer.

Thesecurity of client-server network is very high because without user name andpassword cannot log on to the server.Peer-to-peerand client-server popular names in MS client technology while working oncomputers. These are two main network models that we use in our daily lives.Peer-to-peer network model focuses on remote computer connections, where thecustomer-server network model monitors information sharing. The main differencebetween these two models is that each user of the peer-to-peer model has itsown data and applications, whereas data management is centralized within theclient-server model.

Here are some differences between peer-to-peer andclient-server:Thereis an earmarked server and client connected to the server. Client/server is notleading, each node function as a client and server. One of node can request forservice and it also can provide services. Several clients may request a servicetogether, to get a server interrupted.

Client-server implementation isexpensive, where peer-to-peer is less. Client-server is more durable and ableto be scaled or climbed. If the peer-to-peer system increases the number ofco-workers, system administrators manage server data. Client machines such aslaptops or desktop computers and servers are connected through a network.

Thisclient can access client machine and server data in two different locations. Inclient-server model when the machine need data or information the machine sendrequest to the server then server lookout for the request and send it back withthe reply. Sharing informationabout client-server models is more important, but the connection betweenpeer-to-peer network models is more important in the connection.

Theclient-server network model operating system is usually able to use unnecessarydevices automatically. The client server model requires the server to backupdata only by device and media. Baking up devices and media are required foreach and every single work station in the peer-to-peer network model. Thismodel allows each and every single node to operation as client and server.Theimplementation cost of client/server network is very high. Desktop computer isone of the possibility to set up server in that model. They require an expertto configure and manage server hardware and software.

Peer-to-peer networkmodels want software to connect between them. If the same user uses anoperating system connection, then all users are more comfortable to connecteach other and when two computers using the same computer it’s called homegroup. Each computer has a different type of operating system in that case theyhave to install additional software to connect each computer.

In a singlemachine we can install additional software like printer driver, FTP andsecurity software. Most of the software needs to be installed on the server forthe client server network. To connect computer to the server it has to havesoftware which help the Client computers. Usually this software is installed onthe client computer by default. Peer-to-peer networks are typically obtainableon household or minor companies using a rare safety concerns whereas Client-serverought to be used in a network situation where security is significant and involvesfast access.Eachmodel has its own strength and flaws.

It depends on the situation which networkmodel is imply. The idea overduepeer-to-peer networking is to share files and printers unexpectedly; there isno leading server in the network. The client-server network contains one ormore central computers or servers that hold data and properties. Computerresources may be overloaded on the network, such as not only supportingworkstation users, but also by network users. Before installing a network wehave to know the purpose, circumference and budget. So that client does notwaste their money and one thing is that if the client want to expand theirnetwork model is that work for it or not, we have to make sure that.

Peer-to-peer network model and client-server network model is very common settingup a household or a business network. A client computer typically communicates throughthe server, not by further clients.