NASA/CaSGC Microcomputer & Robotics Internship

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On-line Course


Continuing Education Credits to be provided byUCSD Extension

Online Curriculum & Training provided byThoughtStem

Topical Outline of the Course (subject to slight modifications):

  • Week 1–Introduction to Arduino: Setting up the programming environment and basic introduction to the Arduino microcontroller.
  • Week 2–Introduction to Circuits: Utilizes Ohm’s Law. Introduction to multiple resistor circuits, diodes, switches, LEDs, conditional statements, block diagrams, and named circuits.
  • Week 3–Introduction to Digital Pins: Utilizes Ohm’s Law, Block Diagrams, LED circuits. Introduce loops, PWMs, shift registers, and more complex coding with functions.
  • Week 4–Introduction to Analog Pins: Utilizes Circuit Analysis, Block Diagrams, LED circuits. Introduce analog inputs, use of a PWM, photocell, flex sensor, temperature sensor, softpot.
  • Week 5–Basic Programming Concepts: Explore how loops, conditionals, variables, functions, and parameters can be used with LED circuits and simple Arduino sensors introduced in previous weeks.
  • Week 6–Using an LCD Display: Introduce how to use premade Arduino libraries, and how to use the LCD display.
  • Week 7–Using the Sensor Stick: Introduce how to use the SparkFun 9 Degrees of Freedom Sensor Stick.
  • Week 8–Using Motors: Introduce three different types of motors: servo, DC motor and stepper motor. Learn how encoders can be used to change motor speed and introduce the H-Bridge.
  • Week 9–Adding Audio: Use speakers and stimulate a sound file using an array with frequencies and create a theremin.
  • Week 10–GPS Shield and MicroSD Cards: Learn how GPS works and how it is used with Arduino. Learn how to use the GPS Shield and SD card for location data acquisition. Learn two serial pins: the receiver, RX, and the transmitter, TX.

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