Partition World saw this wall as Iron Curtain between

Partition of Germany andBerlin post World War II was a compromise. The 4 Allied nations, The UnitedStates, Britain, France and Soviet Union separated East and West Germanybetween them and started to think how to rebuild economy of Germany. The ColdWar between The communism thinking from Soviet Union created conflicts. TheBerlin Wall was one of them.

Compromiseand ConflictThe Berlin Wall came down onNovember 9, 1989, finally East and West German people got united. Tensionsbetween United States and Soviet Union decreased. It opened the doors of tradebetween East Germany and United States. This was an end of Cold War between TWOnations.June 1987 – On the 750thanniversary of Berlin, President Ronald Regan spoke “General SecretaryGorbachev, if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for the Soviet Union andEastern Europe, if you seek liberalization: Come here to this gate! Mr.

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Gorbachev, open this gate! Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” June 1963 – President John F.Kennedy spoke to crowd from West Berlin “As a free man, I take a pride in the words,”Ich bin ein Berliner” (I am a Berliner). This speech was a very strong ColdWar speech by US President.

USPresidents speeches in West BerlinSoviet Union was losing many workersfrom East to West Germany, also seeing momentum getting lost to The UnitedStates, The Soviet Union closed the Berlin Border and built a concrete wall in1961 that divided Berlin. The wall was of 87 miles and it was patrolled by dogruns and military guards. The World saw this wall as Iron Curtain between Eastand West Germany.

The wall was physical but it created barrier between UnitedStates and Soviet Union. The tensions between these two countries increased. Thereas an incident related to President John F Kennedy. The American Intelligence wasaware about the intentions of Soviet Union to close the East Berlin border but theydidn’t inform President John F Kennedy on time. When President later learntabout this he became angry. Later, he condemned the build of Berlin Wall.

President Kennedy deployed US troops in West Berlin. These had rose a lot oftensions between US and Soviet Union. The Newspapers and broadcasts begin totalk the difference between these TWO nations that caused Cold War and BerlinWall was created. If we look back and ready history about Berlin Wall closely,the major incidents related to Cold War happened around build of Berlin War. Torecap the Marshall Plan and NATO where formed by United States because ofincidents that happened in Germany relating to Berlin (Berlin blockade, BerlinAirlift and Berlin wall). This tensions were so severe it might have statedWorld War III.TheBuild and Fall of the Berlin Wall Realizing people fleeing fromEast to West Germany via East Berlin, Soviet Union closed the border whichseparated East and West German. They created barbered wire fence on the border.

However, they kept East and West Berlin border open as it was controlled by allFour allies, The United States, Britain, France and Soviet Union. This was theloophole and people from East Germany used to escape to West via Berlin. Alsothere was a problem because two separate currencies in and East and WestBerlin. West Germany currency was stronger than the East. People used to buygoods from East Berlin in cheap. Soviet Union tried few ways to prevent but allwent in vain.Line was drawn and thatcreated tensions between TWO super powersAs mentioned above post WorldWar 2 The United States was playing a very crucial role in reforming economy inGermany and Europe. Few measures like aid through Marshall Plan to reestablishdownsizing industries, formation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO) to suppress the threats of Soviet Union like Berlin Blockade.

This stepshad boosted confidence of German people. The human life in West Germanincluding West Berlin was better than East German. This made East German peopletravel East Berlin and migrate to West Berlin.

Most of people who migrate toWest Berlin stayed there or moved to Western Germany. People in East Germanywere not happy because of communism from Soviet Union. There were few borderlines in Eastern Germany and Western occupied area which could be easilycrossed. The Soviet Union realized these loop holes and started taking somemeasures to prevent it.TheUnited States involvement – Its worthy effects on the German people and adverseeffects on Soviet UnionI found this in historyreferences that The Berlin Blockade had created a lot of tensions among TheUnited States and The Soviet Union.

People of world begin to talk about riftbetween TWO super powers. This was also one of the reasons for creation of theNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), an alliance which is still active.The Berlin Blockade was thefoundation of Berlin wall crises that created rift between The United Nationsand the Soviet Union. After the second World War much of industrial part wasshattered. There was shortage of food because of extreme cold temperaturecondition, Transport system was also badly affected. The United States andBritain wanted to rebuild the economy of Germany. They started this byintroducing some new policies that would build pre-war Germany area stronger.  They combined their Western industrial zone toone.

The United States wanted to develop wartime destruction area. The UnitedStates President Harry S Truman and his fellow associate George Marshallimplemented The Marshall Plan to fund Western Germany and Europe from fallingeconomy. This aid was for Soviet Union and other European countries but SovietUnion refused to accept it as they felt this plan was United States to gaincontrol over East Germany. Also, they refused idea of The United States onintroduction of new German currency. Following this disagreements Sovietcommunist political leader Joseph Stalin blocked West Germany allies’transportation system (road, railway, and canal).

This blocked the necessarysupplies like food and fuel. The United States and its Western German alliesstarted supplying essential items to West Germany via Air Cargo, which wasknown as Air Lift. They thought it would be a short crisis but it lasted for along time. Soviet Union thought that West Berlin people will reject their Westallies and merge to East Germany. This assumption failed. The Blockade hadgiven Soviet Union a very bad reputation in front of world. To avoid more bad fame,they withdrew the Blockade.

Reading the history about theCold War the Berlin Blockade that occurred in 1948 was the first incident thatcreated crisis between superpowers and it increased more in 1961 when BerlinWall was built by Soviet Union.This divisions of the citycaused tensions between the Allied nations. The United Nations, Britain andFrance wanted to make policies and constructions that would make Germanyself-sufficient but Soviet Nations was not on-board. Soviet Nations felt asthey were attacked by Germans earlier and didn’t wanted to do anything beneficialfor Germany.The City of Berlin was in zoneof The Soviet Union but as that was controlled area of FOUR nations council, itwas divided by all these four allied nations.

East part of Berlin was controlledby Soviet Union and other allies took the West part of the city. After the end of second WorldWar, pre-War Germany area was divided into 4 zones. Each zones were controlledby different Allied nations; The United States, France, Britian, and The SovietUnion.

Background”Mr. Gorachev, Tear down thiswall”. This is a line from a famous speech by Ronald Regan in Berlin, Germany in1987. He was referring to Berlin Wall.

The construction of Berlin Wall thatcreated tensions between Soviet Union and The United States.