Page with management skills helped him chart the growth

Page Two : ManagementBanner : We need a suitable visual here Competency in ActionPhotograph of the CMDMr. Vijay N. Rao is the Founder & CMD of Magnetic InfoTech Pvt. Limited with over three decades of active experience in Information Technology, both in India and abroad.

Profound knowledge, understanding of technology and its impact combined with management skills helped him chart the growth of the company. As CMD, Mr. Vijay N. Rao has envisioned and drives the strategies for business, technology, delivery and people at Magnetic. An intuitive thinker and perfectionist to the core, his insights, commitment to, punctuality and quality of deliverables is corporate lore.Having played various roles prior to embarking on his own enterprise, his corporate journey began in the seventies with the IT Department of AMECO Oil Corporation, USA. Post a successful stint returning to India he signed up for senior management at Madras Oil Corporation and subsequently at Bharat Heavy Plates & Vessels Limited, a Government of India Undertaking. Having established Magnetic Info tech in the early nineties he also undertook the stewardship of Hyderabad Software Exports Association (HYSEA) as President.

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In this capacity he essayed significant role in steering the fortunes of Hyderabad’s IT industry in its coming of age, making Hyderabad the most sought after IT hub. As the leader of Magnetic InfoTech, his passion for the subject and quest for perfection led him to explore new horizons in Information Technology transforming Magnetic InfoTech into a repository for new ideas, technologies and creator of solutions. Mr.

Vijay N. Rao commands enormous goodwill and reputation for his company and is credited with designing revolutionary Examination Evaluation modules that have become the standard for a host of Examination bodies in the state and the country.Suggestion: Profiles of Directors & other Management may be included The Magnetic InfoTech Team Magnetic InfoTech pervades an employee friendly work environment drawing the best of every employee. We offer an environment conducive for scientific temper, teamwork, innovation, aiding professional & personal development.

Subscribing to pat-on-back approach we encourage achieving quality workmanship and by the same token overcome shortcomings by proactive intervention to realizing set goals. Geared to succeed, our human resource is equipped with outstanding credentials, professional accomplishments and skills to deliver standardized results. Values & ethics are the fountainhead of all actions at Magnetic InfoTech and all efforts are directed towards preserving the team environment and the founding spirit of the company.

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