p.p1 when someone crosses those boundaries we feel uncomfortable

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Respect. One of the basis of life.
 I feel that respect isn’t only being about being courteous but is also about expressing how we feel about someone without having to say anything to them. 
In the world we are now people usually hurt them selves or are upset as they dont feel respected, they feel excluded, they feel like no body cares about them but If we showed respect to them and not only to our elders people would feel safe, happy and many emotions or feeling as such. 
With respect we build trust and with trust we make our relation with people stronger. 
despite if people give you respect or not we always have to show respect to them as it shows our maturity and were we stand in life. 

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personal space: 
we all have personal spaces and boundaries which plays a huge factor in our lives. 
personal spaces to me refer to the distance between two people at which a person feels comfortable being with another, time to yourself to do what you wish.
yes personal space is important but its more important to have boundaries in our personal spaces, when someone crosses those boundaries we feel uncomfortable and which is when we have to tell people to stop invading our personal spaces as they must understand that everyone needs there time to themselves so that they can feel, think, reflect.  
we must know the people who come into our personal spaces and more importantly know our boundaries.

I once read that caring means putting someone else needs above yours but I fail to believe so. 
yes to an extent it means putting someone else needs above yours but not entirely. To me caring is about  showing them the right part when they are going through the wrong one, it means putting yourself into their shoes before making big decisions,  appreciating others and what they do for you, just even asking “how are you?” shows that you care 

to a dictionary tolerance means “having a fair, objective attitude towards opinions and beliefs” but I wouldn’t agree completely to the dictionary to this word as it has a much greater meaning than that. 
according to me, the world tolerance means acceptance to something or someone without showing my arrogance towards it and in fact, respecting things that I disagree with but as it could play a major or even minor rule in your life I chose to respect it. 

everyone is different, unique in there own way and the sooner we accept that the sooner we accept people for who they are and show them our respect towards their individuality.
when we can’t accept something around us it turns in to disturbance and we constantly think about it which is why acceptance is important. When we learn to accept things and move on we actually accepting to the fact that we our happy about what happened and stop worrying about it. 

Empathy is an important skill that should be a part of everyones lives. 
To me empathy means to understand other peoples emotion but also to put your self in their shoes so that you understand how they actually feel so that you can help them. 
We must also keep in mid that sympathy and empathy are very different and that empathy is much harder to achieve.